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Tips to Help you Pack Liquids For the Move

When you want to pack liquids for the move, know that they can be difficult to move as they tend to spill while they are shipped, creating a big mess. How many different kinds of liquids can you find in your home? Water does not count as not a lot of people pack water. The liquids you should be looking for are all of the containers filled with liquids that you can find under the kitchen sink, the tubes and bottles you can find in the bathroom, and the larger containers full of liquids that you can usually find in your shed and garage. Even more dangerous, these spills stand a good chance of ruining the other objects you are moving, leading to much bigger problems than you had prepared for.

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What to Do Before Packing Liquids for Moving

There is an easier way to pack liquids for the move safely for the move from your old home to your new home. A good idea is to pack the least possible amount of liquids for the move. There are a few things that you should do to prevent spills from occurring.

  • The first thing you have to do when you want to pack liquids for the move is to stop buying liquids month or two before the move. This will prevent you from having to waste plenty of valuable time preparing your liquids for the moving process.
  • The second thing you should do when you want to pack liquids for the move is to use up the liquids as much as you possibly can before moving day comes around. By using up all of your liquids, you will save time and efforts that you would take up valuable time during the packing process.
  • You do not have to pack all of the liquids that you find in your house. That is unnecessary and can even be detrimental, taking up a lot of money, time and energy. It would be a good idea to sort through all the liquids and just pack the ones that you will really need.
  • Most, if not all moving companies have strict limitations on what they are allowed to move. Hazardous liquids are one of these forbidden items. Aside from these hazardous liquids, other fluids will have expired or will be nearly depleted. Take those expired and near-empty bottles of liquids and dispose of them properly before it is time to move.

One thing you should know when you plan to pack liquids for the move is that most liquids can be easily replaced after you have moved into your new home. It’s a bad idea to take the time to correctly pack all the liquids and pay for their transportation. A good idea is to donate all of your still unopened cosmetics to friends and family who may need them.

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What to Do with Dangerous Liquids

When you begin to pack liquids for the move you have to understand that some of the liquids that you can find in your house will be forbidden to pack and transport because they are hazardous materials. Here is a list of prohibited liquids that are you not supposed to pack when you begin to pack liquids for the move:

  1. Lighter fluid
  2. Acids
  3. Ammonia
  4. Motor oil
  5. Lamp oil
  6. Antifreeze
  7. Dyes
  8. Pesticides 
  9. Fertilizers 
  10. Weed killers 
  11. Poisons
  12. Gasoline 
  13. Kerosene
  14. Petroleum products
  15. Paint
  16. Paint thinners
  17. Other paint-related materials
  18. Nail polish 
  19. Nail polish remover
  20. Pool chemicals
  21. Cleaning supplies
  22. Bleach
  23. Any unidentified liquids.

Do not waste your time packing any of the items on the list above because professional moving companies will not load or transport these hazardous liquids on their moving trucks. Call your moving company and ask for their list of non-allowable items before you begin to pack liquids for the move.

If you are only moving locally, then you might want to risk transporting a few of the less hazardous liquids in your car. However, if you are planning on moving long-distance, then you have to properly dispose of your liquids before you move. Get in touch with the nearest Environmental Protection Agency office to find out the best way to dispose of your dangerous liquids.

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How to Pack Liquids When Moving

When you decide to pack liquids for the move, it is important to reduce the chance your liquids spilling during the move. To prevent your liquids from spilling you will have to know how you can pack your liquids for the move properly.

  • Go through all of your liquids and decide which ones you need.
  • Use up all of your half-filled liquids and cosmetic products. Properly dispose of all the nearly depleted liquids. You should not waste any time or space to bring any liquid containers that are almost empty.
  • Make sure that you properly dispose of all if not most of the hazardous liquids that you keep in your house. Do your best to minimize the chance that any accidents can occur during the stressful move.
  • When you pack liquids for the move, make sure that you pack them into plastic bins instead of standard cardboard boxes. This is because if the liquids were to spill during the move, the plastic bins would help to contain them. Cardboard boxes will leak, creating an even bigger mess and ruining your other things as well.
  • Cover the top of each plastic bin with plastic wrap. Place the lid back on the plastic bin, tighten it, and then secure it with packing tape.
  • Make sure that you pack your liquids into Ziploc bag to protect against spills. You should pack your liquids into your Ziploc bags regardless of whether you have opened them or not.
  • Pack your sealed liquid containers so that they remain upright in the plastic at all times. Packing them close together will make sure that your liquid containers do not move around during transportation, fill up any open spaces left with crumpled packing paper or newspapers.
  • Label the plastic bins and make sure to state that the bins contain fragile and liquids. Do not write directly onto the bin with your marker as you might want to use it again later.

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