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Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Portland, Oregon

You have decided to leave everything behind and start from scratch someplace else. The choice has been made – you are moving to Portland, Oregon.

Naturally, such a decision brings some concerns, too. You are worried about so many things. Among others, you don’t know how to cope with anxiety about moving to another state. Ask for some help to learn how to overcome the fear of moving and enjoy the ride to your chosen place. Don’t let anything spoil it. It’s always better to be prepared, but the truth is, there’s nothing you should fear when relocating to this lovely place with even lovelier people to welcome you. There are so many reasons for excitement. Soon you will be there, making friends in a new city, rebuilding your entire life from scratch. Now, before you come to that part, you want some questions answered first, right? There are so many of them running through your head. You’re wondering: How much does it cost to move to Portland? Is it expensive to live there? Is Oregon a good place to live? Let’s answer these and other concerns that might be troubling you.

Moving to Portland, Oregon – First Things to Do

We understand that you can’t wait to get to your chosen home and settle in. You’ve selected a wonderful destination with so much to offer, so you should start exploring it from the very first moment there. You should go to those charming parks, go on a bike tour, go hiking. Now, these are the first things to do after you’ve settled in. But first, take care of some crucial aspects of relocation.

Find Your Home – Apartments in Portland

How are you going to move if you don’t have a house there, right? So, before taking any further steps, find a perfect cozy home for you (and your family). If you’re planning to rent an apartment, know that the rent for a one-bedroom flat is about $1,400. To rent a two-bedroom apartment, you’ll need closely $1800. In case you decide to rent a house, it’s advisable to look for a home somewhere outside of the very center if you want an affordable solution.

Search for a Job

To be able to pay the rent and food, you need a solid job waiting for you, unless you are relocating for a job, of course. It’s quite risky to start looking for one only after you’ve moved, so we suggest that you explore the job market in advance. That way, you’ll be much more relaxed when you relocate, knowing that you won’t have to spend your entire savings during the very first month just to make ends meet.

Job Opportunities

Speaking of work, let’s see what job hunting is like in Portland. With an unemployment rate of only 3.8%, the largest place in Oregon boasts job opportunities in various fields. Compared to the rest of the country, its job growth is 7% higher. So, the chances of landing your dream job there are quite high. Not only are there more job opportunities, but the average salary is also higher than the rest of the US – about $4,000 a year higher, which makes quite some difference. Technology is among the key sectors, followed by healthcare and sports, as well as manufacturing and education.

Cost of Living

Check the cost of living in Portland, Oregon before you start packing your bags for a move. You need to be sure that you can afford to live there because the cost of living is somewhat higher compared to the national average. For instance, the average price for a house amounts to about $420,000 – $600,000. Housing is the most expensive item, given that these expenses are as much as 79% higher than the national average. Healthcare and transportation expenses are also higher than the national average (7% and 6% respectively). When it comes to food, the prices are 15% higher than the median costs.

All in all, it’s advisable to start saving up money, especially if you’re relocating from a smaller town. One of the most important things to know when moving from a small town to a big city to make the change easier is that you’ll need more money for everything. Even though the overall prices are somewhat steep, the good news is that there is no sales tax.

It’s Easy to Fit in – Locals Are Highly Friendly

People are often scared of the unknown when they move to a place where they don’t know anyone. You don’t have to be – it won’t take you long to make friends in the Rose City. It is widely known for its friendliness, which makes the adjustment period much easier. People are open and always ready to help without expecting anything in return. In case you’re still having trouble finding the right company, look for some tips on how to meet your new neighbors – you can make some wonderful friends eventually.

What the Locals Like Doing in Free Time

You’re relocating to the West Coast, which means you get the perfect combination of beaches for surfing and mountains for skiing and snowboarding, depending on what you like most. During summer, most locals spend their free time outside, in one of the many enchanting parks or at the beach. There are even some parks that encompass beach areas where you can relax with your friends and spend some quality time in nature. In addition to swimming and surfing, people here also enjoy hiking and biking, as there are miles of trails where you can do one or the other.

Best Neighborhoods

There are 95 neighborhoods for you to choose from, so the chances are you feel somewhat overwhelmed trying to decide which one is best for you. Check what neighborhoods meet your needs and requirements before you pick your future home and start living there. Here are some of the most popular areas to consider:

  • Pearl District – this one might be somewhat expensive because it is located in the very heart of the area; most suitable for young professionals and youngsters looking for a vibrant nightlife and upscale dining places.
  • Northwest District – a small residential neighborhood perfect for families; there are 22 private and public schools to choose from if you’re relocating with children.
  • Arlington Heights– here’s another residential area where you can enjoy as much as 332 acres of open space; an excellent choice for outdoors lovers.


The first thing that you hear about the weather there is that it rains a lot. Alright, it does. But that doesn’t seem to trouble the locals, so there’s no doubt that you, too, will get used to it after some time. There’s plenty of sunshine, too, so there will be lots of sunny days to enjoy somewhere outside during summer. Even when the fall comes, you won’t feel much of a change, except during the night. Winters can be somewhat cold and snowy, but that’s when you can go skiing and still make use of these weather conditions, too.

Things to Do When the Weather is Pleasant

Some of the most popular destinations for a clear day include Washington Park, Council Crest or Mount Tabor Park. Washington Park hides the wonderful International Rose Test Garden with about 650 varieties of this beautiful flower. You can go on bike or boat tours, visit a concert in the open, pack a picnic, and so on. A variety of beautiful places and all kinds of outdoor activities is before you, it’s just up to you to choose.


Depending on what you find most convenient and how long your commute will be, you can choose between several options of getting around the area. If you don’t mind public transportation, you can go by bus or light rail. There are as many as 84 bus lines that you can combine to get around the entire metro area. Or you can go anywhere you want by car or by bike.


If you opt for driving, you might need reliable Portland movers to provide you with auto transport and deliver your vehicle to your future address. Keep in mind that the traffic can be congested during rush hours and you might have some trouble finding a parking spot, especially downtown.


Many people living here use their bike as a means of transportation, so if you don’t want to ship your vehicle, there’s always this option. The good news is that the bike paths are all well marked and safe. Why would you go by car when you can get anywhere you want on your bike whilst enjoying the beauty of the surroundings during the ride? Given that even winters are more or less mild there, you can rely on your bike to get around almost all year long.

Best Places for a Breathtaking View

Surrounded by mountains and hills, your future home has jaw-dropping views for you to enjoy on a clear day. Here are a couple of spots that you should check out on the first clear day after you start living here:

  • Council Crest hill
  • Portland Japanese Garden
  • Mt. Tabor Park
  • Powell Butte Nature Park
  • Cathedral Park
  • James Woodhill Park at Rocky Butte

Get Ready and Move to the Rose City

Are you ready to leave your town and relocate to a big city like Portland? And even if you’re coming from another large place, with the right moving services and all the above-mentioned tips and other useful pieces of information, there’s nor reason to fear the change. Be sure that your move to the Rose City will be pleasant and enjoyable, just like your life there will be. Get all the boxes and packing supplies to get ready for the upcoming move. Portland is waiting for you.