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How to Pack a Moving Truck – A Guide to Loading

You will be soon investing in a long-distance move, and you are at a loss on how to pack a moving truck. You will have to think about how to properly box up your items and load them into a lorry so that you don’t end up with shattered and broken TV sets, mirrors or dishes. There are specific guidelines you should follow when relocating.

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If you pay attention to placing your belongings in the lorry, you won't have any problems

Before contacting your cross-country moving company and booking moving services, you should first plan your relocation budget and prepare a plan for relocation to a new city. Whether you are relocating for a job or simply moving into a college dorm, you will have to categorize cardboard containers and strategically place them in the relocation lorry. There are some specific relocation hacks for utilizing the space inside the lorry so all of your belongings can fit perfectly. So, here are our tips for loading a moving truck.

Why do You Need to Know How to Pack a Moving Truck?

There are common relocation mistakes people make when packing a moving truck that should be avoided at all costs. Not having appropriate supplies and materials can be damaging to your belongings. You should avoid getting poor-quality cardboard containers that cannot hold the weight of your items. Also, not having enough duct tape and stretch wrap to secure your belongings will also create additional problems when organizing our move. You have to know the correct way of layering your containers in the lorry so that the heavier belongings don’t crush anything placed underneath them. If you implement some of our relocation tips, you won’t have any anxiety about moving out.

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With specific relocation techniques, you will succeed at preparing your lorry for the move

Gather Supplies and Materials for Packing Your Items

You want to move away and start over, but before booking long-distance moving services, you will need some relocation essentials for preparing your belongings for the move. For correctly wrapping and securing everything, you will need high-quality materials that will prevent your things from shifting and shattering in the van. The key to any successful relocation is to start gathering supplies weeks ahead of time. You will require:

  • Corrugated cardboard sheets,
  • Small, medium-sized, and large boxes,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Sealable plastic bags,
  • Duct tape.

Before your trip to the local hardware store, evaluate your relocation expenses. If you want to save up on your supplies, it would be wise to check the Craiglist for free materials. Another option is to contact your friend or family member who wants to help you move and ask for their old cartons or supplies.

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Make Sure to Get a Dolly, Hand Truck, and Ramps

When deciding how to pack a truck, don’t forget the necessary equipment you will need. You will be packing and relocating large objects like sofas and fridges so you will need adequate equipment to safely get everything to the lorry. Cross-country movers will have ramps for loading but if you need a ramp for stairs in your home, ensure that you get one.

A four-wheel dolly will be required for any type of bulky item too heavy to lift and carry. Also, a hand truck will come in handy too. You will be able to stack a ton of cartons and wheel them off to the lorry at the same time. This equipment is especially useful for last-minute relocations because they significantly speed up the process.

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Additional equipment like a dolly, ramp, and a hand truck will ensure you don't have to carry anything heavy

A Good Tip For Reserving the Right Size Truck

Every long-distance company owns various sizes of relocation lorries. If you go DIY and have concerns about whether all of your belongings will fit into a rental vehicle, you’ll have to rent a lorry that will be best suitable for your needs. Evaluate how many cardboard containers you want to load and the distance of your move. Based on this information, you can choose between different types of vans. You can reserve a nine ft. cargo van or ten ft. moving truck for one-bedroom apartments or small studios. On the other hand, for medium to large moves, you will probably require the 15 ft. and 20 ft. rental trucks that will be spacious enough for all of your boxes.

Get Rid of Some Furniture Before the Move

If you’ve been wondering how to pack a moving truck properly, you will need to prepare your belongings for the move first. If you have unwanted appliances, devices that don’t work anymore, or old furniture you’ve not used in a while, consider getting rid of it. You don’t want to box up things you will not require in your new home when you arrive. Think about the possible reasons to move each item. Consult your family members if they also want to discard some of their old belongings. Of course, not everything should be thrown away. You can donate old appliances or recycle old furniture that can still be used.

Disassemble Furniture as Much as Possible

The best way to load a moving truck is to find a way to utilize the space and plan where you will place every object. If you disassemble some of your furniture and heavy objects, you will get more space for your other belongings. So, take apart bed frames and remove cushions from couches. Also, ensure that you take apart your dining room set by removing legs from chairs and tables.

For some objects, you can consult the owner’s manual if you are not certain how to disassemble some pieces. Use sealable plastic bags for screws and bolts that you have removed from the furniture and ensure that you don’t misplace them or lose them because these objects are the most commonly forgotten things to pack.

Here is a video with tips that will help you disassemble your couch.

How to Load Boxes and Heavy Items Into a Lorry?

So, how do you pack a moving truck yourself? If you have adequately prepared for the move and packed all of your relocation containers, it’s time to start loading the lorry. The best way to pack a moving truck is to strategically organize what order you have to put each item in the lorry. Our relocation guide advises you to:

  • If you’ve been asking yourself – what should I pack first when moving a truck? You should start by loading the largest and heaviest things. These include dressers, couches, refrigerators, tables, and dryers and should be placed near the front of the van.
  • A useful tip when placing your mattress in the van is to put it against one side of the lorry and tie it down with ropes for support. You can do this too with tables and couches if you want to create extra space in the lorry.
  • Ensure that you use enough pads and stretch wrap for your sofa because this will protect the upholstery during the move.
  • Next, you can start stacking your cardboard containers in the lorry but pay attention that the heavier boxes go at the bottom. Medium and lightweight should be placed on top of the heavier ones. In case you have cartons full of books, make sure that they are at the truck’s bottom because you don’t want to risk hardcovers tumbling over your glassware.
  • Your electronics and appliances should be carefully packed, and it would be best if you use the original boxes for your TV set and large speakers.
  • Your mirrors, china, and valuable artwork should be placed towards the front of the lorries’ bed.
  • Load the things you will immediately use in your new home last, towards the back of the lorry.

You Can Use Mom’s Attic If It’s Featured On The Truck

This part of the van is usually separated from the rest of the cargo area. You first have to check if your rental lorry has this feature. You would want to place the most valuable and easily breakable items in this part because, in the mom’s attic, everything will be kept safe from large and heavy objects. A softer ride and extra protection are just some of the benefits of relocating your belongings in the mom’s attic.

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Placing all of your breakable objects in the mom's attic will keep them damage-free

Last Step: Secure the Boxes and Objects

If you want to know how to pack a moving truck efficiently, you will have to ensure that all of your containers and belongings are protected during the trip. Among the things people forget to do when relocating is securing all of their belongings with straps or ropes. When you finish placing your belongings in the van, you should secure them with tie-downs. Don’t leave any empty spaces because the containers will shift and move during the trip. Fill all the voids beneath tables or desks with lighter cardboard containers on top of heavier ones. Also, you should fill the space between the top of each box and the trucks’ ceiling with some soft materials such as bags with clothes so that they don’t topple over other belongings.

What Should You Not Pack in a Moving Truck?

If you’ve been wondering if there are some limitations to what can be placed and transported in the lorry, we have the answers for you. Anything that is hazardous should not be placed inside relocation trucks. For example, you don’t want to prepare any perishables, plants, liquids, pressurized containers, heavy-duty cleaning, batteries, or nail polish for transportation.

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Avoid placing perishables and hazardous items in your lorry

What is the Best Way to Pack a Relocation Truck?

However well-versed you may be, the safest option for a stress-free relocation is hiring a long-distance moving company. Long-distance movers are professionals at packing trucks for various moves. When you book cross-country moving services, you will be able to contact customer representatives who will give you advice on anything you need concerning your move.

Furthermore, if you are insecure about how to pack a truck for long-distance moving, you can always get professional packers to do everything for you. They will also be able to bring their supplies and materials and box up your entire home correctly, and place everything in a lorry in a couple of hours. Therefore, you should consider investing in packing services if you want to make sure that all of your belongings reach your new city in perfect condition.

Also, Consider Getting Auto Transport Services

You might be thinking that the belongings that won’t fit in the lorry or that are too expensive, like artwork and jewelry, you can transport in your own vehicle. But, if you want to ensure that you get your belongings safely to your new location and that your car stays in good shape after the move, we recommend that you opt for auto transport. Your movers will be able to transport your vehicle with their carriers, so you won’t have to worry about driving long distances.

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Now You Are Ready For Your Relocation, DIY or Not

Before searching for “long-distance movers near me,” ensure that you have the whole process of your relocation planned out. Create a checklist for every step of the move, and make sure you stick to it. You want to get the right equipment and supplies so that you don’t have any problems when filling the lorry with your belongings. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your movers for help if you think that the task is overwhelming. They will know exactly what to do. We wish you luck with your relocation.

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