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How to Pull off a Successful Long-Distance Office Move?

If you’re considering an office move, you are probably worried about how to make this relocation happen. Between budgeting for the move, coordinating with your employers, and ensuring that all your items arrive safely at their destination – there is a lot to consider. Don’t let these details overwhelm you, though, as you can have an office moving experience without any problems by following our guide.

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How to organize an office move? Check out this text for all the answers

To pull off a successful office move, you will need to start preparations on time – at least a few months in advance. Write a detailed to-do list and set your relocation budget. Choosing the perfect new workspace is the next step, after which you can focus on finding reputable long-distance movers. Including your employees in the process and keeping them up to date with changes is also essential. Lastly, you’ll need professional cleaning services to clean up both the old and new offices.

How Long Can It Take to Pull off an Office Move?

Let’s start with the basics – how long will it take to organize your move and relocate the entire office? Even if it is a smaller workspace and a new office is close, every well-planned move requires time, and in the best-case scenario, we are looking at months. Keep in mind that there will be many things on your relocation to-do list – the move isn’t just about moving furniture.

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That being said, relocating an office can still be accomplished in a shorter amount of time with professional cross-country moving services. If you’re relocating locally, we might be able to say it can be done in a few weeks, but relocations to a new state call for months and months of planning. Don’t forget that searching for the ideal workspace can also take a while. At the end of the day, everything is dependent on these things:

  • How soon you can choose a replacement workspace,
  • When the lease for the current office will end,
  • How big the distance between the old and new space is,
  • The number of items you must transport,
  • How long it will take you to pack (if you don’t book packing services)
  • The relocation budget.

Start With Relocation Planning on Time – Having a Checklist for Long-Distance Moving Can Help You Avoid Problems

You have to bear in mind that you can’t discover a perfect workspace on every corner, whether you’re searching for lower rent, a larger area, or a better location in a new city. In that regard, relocating with dogs, kids, your partner, or elderly parents is comparable in that you must consider everyone’s needs. One of the common relocation tips we can give you in this situation is this – don’t cancel the office space you currently have until you find a new one.

You need to prepare the arrangement for the new office and where everything will go in addition to getting ready for the big day. Also, don’t forget that you should make an effort to unpack after the move and start working as soon as you can after the movers deliver your belongings. Make a schedule and provide enough time for each task and stage. Having a checklist for moving where you will check tasks one by one will help you feel like you’re in control and lower your relocation stress.

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Having a list of things you need to accomplish will help preparations run smoothly

Determine Your Budget for the Upcoming Relocation

Many businesses hire movers and relocate their entire offices because they are expanding and want to expand their capacities. Others might be looking to downsize or find a lease that is more reasonably priced. In any case, you must be certain that you can afford such an endeavor. Even if you have a lot of amazing ideas, does the business have the funding to implement them?

Will you get out of your lease early and forfeit the security deposit? Do any repairs need to be made at the current location? Because there is so much potential for error at this early stage, you should speak with a financial expert to determine your options and prospects and decide what to write on a moving expenses checklist. When looking for a future workspace, try to create and adhere to a budget.

Choose the Ideal Workplace

Let’s face it, you can never satisfy everyone. You won’t be able to satisfy everyone’s preferences while attempting to strike a balance around location, size, and cost, but that’s alright. You occasionally have to make judgments in business that not everyone will agree with. It can be too far for certain workers, too close for others, and so on.

The team and company should come first in your leadership decisions. Perhaps you’ll need the assistance of a real estate agency, but be ready to spend days touring several locations, and you’ll also have to engage your imagination. You should have an idea of what that empty space would look like with all the company’s belongings and whether it might accommodate the requirements of your team.

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You'll find your dream workspace - but it will take some effort and time

The Next Step Is Finding Reputable Long-Distance Movers

Moving your office is a difficult undertaking, particularly if it contains expensive machinery and equipment. As a result, you must have knowledgeable packers and movers that have experience handling this equipment by your side. Begin requesting estimates from relocation companies to evaluate their long-distance moving services and determine how much movers cost. Don’t forget to look at reviews and seek referrals as well – you wouldn’t want to end up a victim of a relocation scam.

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Many businesses provide mandatory liability insurance coverage, but if your firm depends on the shipment of valuable machinery, think about purchasing additional relocation insurance. You’ll avoid a headache as a result. You shouldn’t save money on this because you cannot know what might occur. You should try and contact businesses right away because the search for the ideal relocation company can take a while – as long as looking for a new workspace. Choosing a long-distance moving company is probably the most important decision of the entire move.

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Finding the right relocation company will make or break the entire move

Inform Your Employees About the Relocation and Include Them in the Moving Process

As soon as you determine it’s time to make a change and organize the essentials of the move, set up a meeting with your team to let them know what will be happening. This will ensure that they are included in the relocation process. Since this can be a challenging experience for even the best companies, there are a few things you will need to do to make sure the atmosphere in the office remains great during the move.

Consult with your staff members and choose a relocation manager

You can enlist some of the employees to assist you in keeping everything organized. The ideal candidate for that position is typically the administrative assistant or someone with some experience in commercial relocation. If it’s a sizable business, you might even put together a team of workers to handle various relocation responsibilities. Consider creating a relocation binder at this early stage where you would keep all relevant information about the move.

Start informing clients of the address change and update documents

Plan your moving-out and moving-in dates so that there isn’t a significant gap once you’ve found the ideal workspace. Additionally, confirm the dates with the moving company and begin to gradually get ready for the big event. As the important day draws near, you should begin updating the address on any relevant documents, including business cards and envelopes. You should begin considering how to inform your customers about the change, as well as partners, suppliers, and anybody else associated with your company.

Allow your staff to pack up their workspace

Allow your staff to pack their own boxes of necessities and personal items before hiring professional packers. Make sure you have packing materials, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. Not to mention that when you move in, and everybody starts to look for their things, accurate labeling will be quite useful. If you’ve ever moved and had to pack clothes or other household things, you know the procedure. By having everyone write their name and a summary of the box contents, there will be no opportunity for confusion.

Communicate frequently with your team members

You’ll see that this kind of moving is even more difficult than relocating a home. There will be days when nothing goes as planned, and that is okay. Maintaining open lines of communication with your employees is crucial in this matter. As a team, you can manage to overcome every challenge if you talk to each other.

You Will Have to Employ Cleaning Services for Both the Old and New Offices

Make sure to arrange a professional cleaning service because you’ll likely need it for both sites. Someone needs to clean the entire area after everyone has finished packing and the movers have removed everything. The future workstation is no different in this regard. It should be thoroughly cleaned, vacuumed, and possibly repainted or renovated before everyone starts to unpack their boxes. After all the fuss about the move, you’ll realize that hiring a professional cleaning service is an essential part of an efficient move.

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Professionals cleaning services are a necessary part of an office move

Be Creative When Developing Future Workspace

A new workspace is a great chance to start over and give your staff a stimulating work atmosphere. Work with professionals to create a layout that is both modern and bright while also being practical. Relocating to a new location is a milestone that should bring about certain changes.

If you can’t afford to change the furniture, you don’t have to, but adding some small accents and bold wallpapers can make your workstation a lot more inviting for everyone. All of these factors have an effect on your workers’ productivity and company perception.

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Even small changes in the office environment can be beneficial for employees

With Great Long-Distance Movers by Your Side, Your Office Relocation Will Be Quick and Efficient

An office relocation is a big project that takes months of planning. But with great cross-country movers by your side, your move will turn out to be easier than you could have expected. Professional relocation crews have the experience and knowledge needed for an efficient and quick office move. With them by your side, you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive at their destination safely and on time.

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