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Instructions on How to Use Bubble Wrap to Pack Your Stuff

Have you ever wondered how to use bubble wrap when relocating in a way that fully utilizes its protective potentials? It might seem rather simple – you take an item, bundle it, and you are all set. But there are so many things to think about if you want your objects to be perfectly safe during a long-distance move.

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Think about the different types of this material, its size, and how you can cover and protect your belongings with it. If you are not up for doing it yourself, hire a reliable moving company to help you handle everything.

But no matter who handles your things, they will need it due to the many advantages that make it one of the best padding materials when it comes to protecting your items. We offer some handy information and instructions on how to properly use this incredible material.

What Kind of Items Should You Pack

When you have the right materials, you can box up almost anything. Bubbles can be used to protect every item you don’t want to get damaged during the relocation. For example,  if you are about to pack your vacuum cleaner or your fishing rod, it is possible to protect them with bubble wrap.

If you are hiring professional packers, they will bring all the necessary materials with them and ensure that all of your belongings are bundled in it.  Now, let’s move on to some of the most common household items that can be properly protected with this versatile and highly durable material.

Fragile and Delicate Objects

Once you make a home inventory, you will see how many fragile and delicate things you actually have. Having too many breakable or valuable things to transport to another state might lead to a fear of moving. But all you have to do is choose the right packing strategy and ensure that your objects are as safe as possible.

If you find a top-notch moving company to assist you with the move, their crew will bring all the necessary boxes and packing materials that will protect your fragile belongings.

But, if you want to pack by yourself, you might be wondering if you should choose bubble wrap or packing paper. Use both instead for double protection. They are there to help you prepare mirrors for the move or be put around dishes. If you are moving grandfather clock, you should consider using them as well.


Putting this material around your bulky furniture seems expensive? If you want to save up, you could use it on some more breakable parts of your belongings.

Maybe you have some glass items in your home that need additional care, like glass tabletops, shelves, and cabinets. You can remove them from the rest of the sturdy furniture parts and then box them up. The same goes for door handles, knobs, and other mobile furniture parts. When you disassemble pieces of furniture, it will be easier to move them. Professional movers are equipped to handle all kinds of heavy items, but if you are doing all the heavy lifting, transporting your items in parts will make the process way easier.

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Using the Right Type of Material for Packaging and Proper Techniques

Whatever material you are using to protect your belongings, you need to know how to get the most of it.

There are many types of bubble wrap:

  • Large ones can be as big as 1’’ in diameter, and they are used for bulky household items and padding.
  • Smaller ones are the most common, and their size is 3/8’’. They protect against impacts, shocks, and scratches. You can use them to pack china, electronics or other delicate items.
  • Anti-static are designed to protect electronic objects, so if you are boxing up phones, laptops, or TV’s you should consider this type of material. It dissipates the static charge, and it protects the electronic chips.
  • Envelopes are created to protect books, small pictures and CD’s
  • There are many specialized wraps as well

One of the Most Important Packing Questions – Bubbles in or Out?

Have you actually asked yourself this? If you are wondering what the right answer is, the past experiences of packers suggest that you should put air-filled balloons inwards. They should face the objects they are protecting, for many reasons:

  • Patterns help with fixating the object in one place
  • A bubble can provide excellent cushioning
  • They can adapt to the shape of the objects
  • The flat side provides better protection from the external impacts

Secure the Bubble Wrap Tightly

Bubble wrap can sustain shocks and hits, and it protects in case of collision. If you want to make sure it stays around your belongings, you need to secure it in place. Having an insurance policy is excellent, but make sure you do everything to prevent your belongings from breaking.

Don’t make a mistake of applying duct tape on only one side of the wrapped package. Fix the packaging with tape on all sides. This will eliminate the chance of your item slipping out. Apply wide diameter tape if you can – it is stronger and more efficient.

This is essential when you are using a storage service. You will want to have your items wrapped in padding and insulation materials which will protect them from moist or wet during the stay in the facility.

Extra Protection When Moving – Padding

Layers and layers of this material can only mean one thing – your belongings will be safely tucked away in boxes and fully prepared for a long-distance trip.

Padding is an essential part of the packing process, and what better material than bubbles that can sustain hits and shocks. So, if you have too much empty space in the box, don’t forget to put some bubbles, paper, and peanuts there.

Packing Fragile Glassware overlay

Advantages of Knowing How to Use Bubble Wrap

When using one of the most practical packing materials, you should know that it comes with many advantages and benefits. It provides cushioning, and it fits any shape. Additionally, it is:

  • Safe– offers excellent protection
  • Convenient– it is one of the easiest materials to handle, all you need is to put it around the item you want to protect.
  • It is budget and environment-friendly – it is light, so it doesn’t add up too much on the weight of your belongings, and it can be reused a few times.
  • Fun– you surely popped a few bubbles, and you have to admit it can be fun.

No matter how much bubble wrap you apply, make sure that everything is put into place, sealed, and labeled. Even though this is one of the best packing materials, using it is just one of the preconditions of a successfully executed move.

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