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How to Move a Mattress – A Step-by-Step Guide

If you don’t know how to move a mattress, the whole moving process will turn into a much more difficult task. In the midst of that messy business, a bed is something you will need as soon as you move in, so transporting it with a mattress is a must. But, being so heavy, bulky, and floppy makes them very hard to move. It is almost impossible to do it by yourself, so do not even try, or you might get injured and the item might get damaged. If professional movers are not an option for any reason, seek help from your friends and follow the listed steps.

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Tips on How to Move a Mattress

First, you will have to buy a cover bag that will help you with packing. After you get it, you will have to place it on the cover and pack it in a plastic bag. It’s important to prepare the exit route by moving furniture, opening doors, and clearing the space in the transport vehicle. When everything else is ready, carry it out and load it into the vehicle, securing it with straps.

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Steps You Need to Consider

Step 1 – Consider the Size of Your Mattress

Larger models are not always harder to move, as a split king size model can split into two parts, whereas a queen size cannot, which means it is more difficult to move it through the hallways and around corners. So, make sure you measure the size of your model first.

Step 2 – Choose the Right Vehicle for Moving

The best option would be a moving truck if you want to move the item without folding. You just have to place it on a flat surface and avoid putting heavy stuff on it, like certain parts which can leave indentations in the surface. However, there are possibilities to move it in other vehicles, as well.

Van is the next best option. First, you have to remove the seats and then slide the mattress in. You can move it in a pickup truck as well. Most twin or double mattresses and some queen-size ones can fit in. You may have to lay your mattress at an angle to help with the loading and unloading. Since it is left exposed in a pickup truck, you have to protect it by wrapping it and securing it properly.

If none of these options is available, you have to use a car instead of a truck. If your model cannot fit inside it, you can load it on the top, but this option is not safe at all. It goes without saying the mattresses need to be well protected and secured by ropes through the open windows, while on their way to your new home. It will take you about 16-17 feet of rope to do this.

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Step 3 – Get Equipment

The right equipment is half a job done. What you need for moving a bed with a mattress is:

  • a waterproof cover 
  • ratchet straps or simply a rope 
  • a screwdriver
  • a wrench
  • a tape
  • sandwich bags for screws 
  • moving blankets.

Step 4 – Place it Inside a Bag

The bag for mattresses is open at the ends, so it needs to be sealed with tape. You should fold over the edges, secure them with the tape and then wrap the tape around the bag in a crisscross pattern.

Step 5 – Don’t Forget the Pillows

It is easy to forget some obvious things like pillows, so make sure you don’t leave them in your old home.

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How to Move a Memory Foam Mattress

It is even harder to move foam mattresses than ordinary ones, as they do not keep their form. That is why they need to be stabilized when moving. Follow the steps below for a successful move:

  1. Measure it first and then buy a plastic cover to put it in. 
  2. Order a shipping box and bubble wrap. 
  3. Wrap the item and secure it with tape. 
  4. Put it in the box and close it with tape. 
  5. Carry the box into the vehicle, laying it either flat or on the side depending on how it can fit. 
  6. Do not put anything on the box. 
  7. Secure it with straps, making sure it doesn’t move but not too tight to avoid denting.

How Do You Wrap a Mattress for Moving?

Before moving the item to its new location, wrap it in plastic for better protection. Next, place it in a protective cover or blankets, then secure it with tape. After that, put it in a bubble wrap, and secure it with lots of tape.

How to Pack and Unpack Your Bed with a Bag?

Dismantling of this item is a serious job, so get on it thoroughly. Use the tools you have obtained and make sure to bag all the small parts so they do not get lost. Wrap the parts in blankets and then use bubble wrap and secure them with tape. Make sure you do not put the tape directly on the surface as you may damage the paint.

As for unloading and unpacking, the first thing you have to do is undo the straps and take it out of the vehicle. Carry it inside after you have cleared the way and then remove the plastic bag while keeping the mattress on the side. Leave it out of the bedroom until you have mounted your bed so it doesn’t occupy space in your new home.

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How to Clean Your Bed After Moving

This might be a good time to clean your bed. Vacuum it first for dust and then sprinkle some baking soda, leaving it to rest for a few hours. Then vacuum it again. You can use a steam cleaner instead if you have one. Finally, spray it with disinfectant and wipe it off with a cloth, then leave it to dry. You can also leave it outside or next to the window to air it for a while.

In the meantime, start mounting your bed. This is where your tools will come in handy again. But this is also a job for more than one person, even though you might do it alone if you invest more effort. Just follow the same procedure vice versa. Once you put it in the frame, leave it open until it is time for sleep and then put the sheets. 

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Missed a Step?

No need to worry. If you missed a step or if you believe you won’t be able to pack your mattresses properly, you can always contact us and we will help you move, pack and unpack your mattress for transport or storage

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