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        girl on the street of new york city
        December 30, 2019
        Moving to New York City – A Newcomer’s Guide to the Big Apple

        A city of diversity and disparity, hovering from extreme wealth and power to homelessness, from utmost popularity to total anonymity, from high hopes to broken dreams – the Big Apple has it all. That’s why moving to New York City and becoming a citizen of the unofficial Capital of the World is an adventure unlike anything else in your life.

        girl on the street of new york city
        February 4, 2020
        What Are the Best Places to Live in New York City

        You’ve decided that moving to New York is the right next step in your life. A metropolis that big is full of opportunities for everyone, regardless of what your story is. But before you start packing your bags, you should do some research and try to find out what the best places to live in New York are.

        The best cross country movers will help you taste delicious food in Washington DC, Columbia
        December 30, 2019
        Gourmet’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in New York

        With so many fantastic places to eat in the Big Apple, you’re wondering which of them are the best restaurants in New York. Each part of this bustling city has a lot to offer, including various dining places for all kinds of occasions. It doesn’t matter what type of place you’re looking for and what kind of food you like – there’s something for everyone’s taste.

        Yellow Taxi in Manhattan, New York City in USA sunset
        January 10, 2020
        Moving to the 5 Boroughs of New York City – a Complete Guide

        Each of the 5 boroughs of New York City has something unique to offer to its residents. Depending on what you are looking for, you get to choose between the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, the five administrative divisions of NYC.

        person in the middle of times square New York City
        February 17, 2020
        What Are the Best Things to Do in New York City

        Just observing the impressively high buildings and speedy living habits of this metropolis will suffice to make you feel enchanted, but there’s much more to the Big Apple than just the modern charm of skyscrapers. There are so many things to do in New York City, the unofficial capital of the world, including amazing artistic displays, vivid nightlife, excellent food, fashion shows, and whatever else comes to your mind.

        Statue of Liberty New York City
        July 1, 2020
        Cost of Living in New York – the Definitive Guide

        Often dubbed the Big Apple, Capital of the World, and The City That Never Sleeps, New York City is a place of extremes. And it’s definitely one of the most expensive ones – the cost of living in New York is about 129% higher than the national average. But it is a price worth paying.


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        Auto Transport

        Move your car across the country in an open or enclosed trailer – for an affordable fee. We offer car transport as a standalone service, but you can bundle it with your household move and get a hefty discount.

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        Packing Service

        Sit back and relax, we’ve got packing services covered. We use moving blankets, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and even custom wooden crating. Your stuff will be protected and carefully handled during the move.

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        Moving Services

        Treat yourself with a white glove long distance moving service that’s based on the inventory list and not weight. This means a price guarantee, transparent move costs and premium moving service.

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        Moving Insurance

        All your stuff is secure with Long Distance USA Movers, but in case something does happen to it, there’s a moving insurance policy in place. We offer both basic Valuation Coverage and Full Value Protection.

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        Storage Services

        Our spacious climate-controlled units will protect your things until the drop-off. No need to worry about them because all items are labeled and secure, and each customer gets a dedicated unit mixup isn’t possible.

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        The Moving Process

        1. Fill in the Quote Form

          Best way to get in touch and get a price estimate is to fill out a quote form and you will be contacted often in matter of minutes, but definitely in less than 24 hours. If you don’t feel like typing, just give us a call.

        2. Get in Touch with a Relocation Specialist

          Your (very) dedicated relocation specialist will guide you through the process, explain everything, and be there every step of the way. Together you will create a moving inventory list with which you will get a guaranteed price.

        3. Sign the Documents

          Once the details have been hammered out, it’s time to hammer them in with a binding agreement that’s meant to protect you and your things. You will get your personal reference number which you will use for shipment tracking and future inquiries.

        4. Move Effortlessly.

          Yes, it is that simple. Our expert movers will pack all your belongings, protect them, load them carefully and send them on their way. The same goes for unloading. Experience a true white glove moving service. That’s it!

        Queens Best Moving Company

        What do Fifty Cent, Scorsese, the Ramones, and Donald Trump have in common? We’ll tell you right off, they all lived in New York’s iconic Dream Borough. And with our Queens movers, you can join this captivating diversity too. The wondrous and elusive area, where different nationalities meet in unexpected ways, is a promise of new horizons and gripping adventures, so there’s no reason to tarry. Let us take you on a trip through one of NYC’s most famous districts and show you how LDUSAM can lend a hand in your relocation.

        Long distance movers are moving boxes

        Welcome to the Enchanted Wonderland of Diversity and Deliciousness

        The adventurous chef Anthony Bourdain once coined this description of the area and it perfectly sums up the character of the place. Having sprung from the ambition of the 1939’s New York World Fair and the zeal of the New Deal, the borough was meant to relieve the pressure of the city’s core and create a pleasant space for people of all ethnicities to make a home in. Fast forward to our day and so much has changed, yet the indomitable spirit of the residents here hasn’t.

        This world at a glance area is vast, with more than two million inhabitants, and still sprawling, but the common denominator and the link keeping this melting pot together is the inexhaustible potential for hope. Resisting gentrification and the middle class ennui threatening to drag the other areas down, this place is still home to people of all traditions who work hard to preserve their uniqueness and the right to define themselves in their own terms. Taste this colorful authenticity in flavors from street vendors and let yourself get lost in the winding streets leading to people from all continents trying to articulate the essential question of what it means to be human.

        Some of the World’s Coolest Neighborhoods Await Here

        Conveniently located in the vicinity of Manhattan, the area can offer you to settle in homes that are a fifteen-minute drive to Times Square, but you can also go farther and reach some more suburban neighborhoods. But whatever you opt for, you won’t be left twisting in the wind as the standard combined with safety and food for the soul here are hard to beat. Take a look at some of the best options:

        • Astoria – Ranked eighth in Time Out’s Fifty Best Neighborhood Globally, the place deserves the attention it gets. Historically a terra nova for Greek and Italian immigrants, it is now a thriving hub of activity. With some mind-blowing business and cultural concepts, as well as the affordable rent prices, it stays in the hearts of all who venture to its gates.
        • Long Island City – Overlooking Manhattan across the East River, this area was once an industrial giant, generating a profit crucial for the city and national economy. But Detroit’s luckier counterpart managed to survive the crisis that suffocated the post-war prosperity and make it on the contemporary scene, having shifted to different small business concepts. The area is brimming with life, glorious ethnic food, and the nouveau hip meeting puncts, so if you’re into good times, you know where to go.
        • Sunny Side – Home to revolutionary Sunny Side Gardens and a retreat for numerous European intellectuals, the area is now buzzing with a euphony of different voices. With supreme housing concepts at bearable prices, natural oases and stores and restaurants representing all corners of the Earth, the area is heaven for the modern middle class creating a space of its own.

        Travel the World in Your Free-Time

        The flavorful ride begins when you explore Flushing, a living mosaic of the Far East. Sample the best Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese bites and wander through the quaint shops hiding tales of the bygone times and far away lands. Continue to the Flushing Meadows Park containing a botanical garden, science hall, and a zoo, and relax in the leafy green nature. Once you wish to relive the adventure, stroll the Jackson Heights, where the vast majority of residents were born outside the US. Meet Indian customs combined with Nepalese and Tibetan and discover how the patchwork of influences created one of America’s most vibrant areas.

        The Only Way to Revel in Your Transition Is With Our Long-Distance Moving Services

        Relocating often becomes a source of stress as too many tasks ambush people already overwhelmed with the fear of the unknown. Still, with the help of trained, efficient, and reliable professionals, it doesn’t have to be that way. Long Distance USA Movers offer long-distance moving services designed to relieve tension and provide you with all you need to finish the process without a hitch.

        Our quote is not dependent on weight or volume, and your inventory list is the sole deciding factor for the final price. You can rest assured that your agent will let you in on the process of quote formation and help you if you’re in doubt. The great thing is that you can change the inventory list up to one day before our team arrives, so take your time if needed.

        Packing for Your 'Journey Across the Globe' Gets Unbelievably Easy With the Best Movers Queens

        Asking friends for assistance and playing on their emotions when it comes to lifting heavy furniture and appliances is a thing of the past if you go for us. The standard relocation package includes our packing service, which means handling bulky items that don’t fit into boxes, such as furniture pieces, mirrors, appliances, and alike. What makes our cross-country moving company stand out from the crowd is the scanning system that ensures nothing gets lost in the process of loading and unloading the truck and the fact that we respect our client’s wishes to the max when it comes to disassembling and reassembling.

        the crew from a long-distance moving company handling items

        Say Yes to Superb Full or Partial Service and Save Loads of Time and Nerves in the Process of Moving

        But, what happens to all the fragile kitchenware, clothes, your library, figurine collection, and other bits that make your home truly yours? You could dedicate time to learning  what to do about each category, purchase materials online or run through your neighborhood to get them, call friends or browse the Internet for tips, or…

        You could hire us to do all that for you. LDUSAM team brings all the necessary supplies, and the only thing you have to do is make a list of what goes in each box. You should know that all up to fifteen boxes is counted as a partial pack, whereas everything above is considered as full service. You can talk to your agent, and they’ll tell you how this adds to your initial price.

        You’ve Found the Cross-Country Moving Company Resolute in Its Commitment to Excellent Car-Shipping

        If you’re a bit more relaxed, after learning about our powers, you’re probably still worried about your vehicle. No need to. Auto transport is a field we excel in, constantly learning about the newest technological advancements and striving to provide our clients with immaculate services. Your car will be in good hands if you give us the key, and it will be insured for external damage at all times (for 500,000 dollars on closed trailers and for 100,000 on open ones.)

        You Get to Choose Between Open and Closed Trailers With Our Reliable Long-Distance Movers

        Most people wonder what the best solution for transporting their vehicle is, and you need to know upfront that there can only be two ways – on open and closed trailers. The first ones are designed to accommodate standard-size cars, and they are easily obtainable and cheaper than their opposites. They can’t provide protection from the elements, but our professional crew will do everything to keep your vehicle safe.

        The closed trailers are ideal for vintage and luxurious cars as they are fully resistant to snow, winter, rain, or debris. Still, they’re usually slower and more expensive too. If you opt for this one, you’ll need more patience as the process is a tad bit longer.

        You’ll Have a Say in How Our Car-Shipping Services Finish

        When all is done and our cooperation comes to an end, we can either part in front of your new house or on our regional terminals. You decide on what delivery method works best for you and if you’re unsure, take a look at how both unfold:

        • Door-to-door-delivery – How about you open the door of the new house and enjoy the sight of your car back in your life? Door-to-door means as little hassle as possible and a swift and blissful reunion. However, if traffic regulations impede us from parking in front of your new house or building, we’ll agree on the nearest possible spot.
        • Terminal-to-terminal delivery – If the above idea doesn’t go for any possible reason and you want to save some money too, this is for you. You can drop your car at our terminal and pick it up at our facilities in the new city. We’ve got terminals in all major US cities, so there’s nothing to panic about.
        Storages are prone to mold occurrence, so make sure to learn how to pack your items before long-distance moving

        Save Money and Chill While Your Belongings Rest in Our Storage

        If the road is getting bumpy in your relocation world or you simply don’t know what to do with a portion of your belongings and need time to think, that is fine. No pressure or thinking on the spot is required when you can use a whole month of our storage facilities for free. And if you don’t resolve the dilemmas during this period, you’ll be charged per day, not whole weeks or months, so nothing will be against you.

        The storage facilities scare people the most as they’re portrayed on television as some gloomy and insecure warehouses. However, that’s far from the truth, and our storage system prioritizes cleanliness, heat control, and safety above all.

        Your Fear Can Disappear for the Insurance Is Here

        What if something gets broken or damaged? Well, no chaos will ensue as relocation insurance is there to keep things light and help us make our clients happy after all. Insurance is not a magic stick, and it is a complex process rooted in economic principles, yet it does mean a lot in case of problems, which is why we always highly recommend investing in it.

        Mandatory liability coverage spans all items our professional movers transport, and it is calculated based on the item’s weight (it amounts to sixty cents per pound of the damaged or lost.) Still, if you wish to have a back-up for valuable items, you can count on full-value replacement insurance applicable to all objects our team packed. Finally, you can opt for third-party insurance, which is reserved for things you hold close to heart and that are invaluable.

        Let Long-Distance USA Movers Take You to the Borough of Dreams

        If your reverie is to live in NY at the crossroads of nations and cultures, where different narratives intertwine, fabricating a novel blend, a place as exciting as the spirit of the whole city, yet as warm as a town you can call home, welcome to the World’s Borough. All the world’s a stage, but the play gets sensational here.

        Our experienced and reliable team is ready to take part in your dreams, and you can contact LDUSAM now in case you have any questions. Our customer support will be glad to answer any and we can lead the way while you create history.

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