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Moving to the 5 Boroughs of New York City – a Complete Guide

Each of the 5 boroughs of New York City has something unique to offer to its residents. Depending on what you are looking for, you get to choose between the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, the five administrative divisions of NYC.

streets in NYC overlay
NYC is a urban jungle where everybody can find a place to call home.

Keep in mind that NYC is the most populous and diverse city in the USA, with over 8 million residents from all over the US and the world who speak more than 800 languages. There is a place for everyone here, and living surrounded by this kind of diversity just makes the whole process of fitting in easier.

The Bronx Is the Birthplace of Hip Hop and Breakdancing

There are plenty of things that can leave you speechless when it comes to this NYC borough.


The Bronx has a major impact on contemporary music that goes way beyond Cardi B and JLo – it is also the birthplace of hip-hop.

It all started in the ‘70s with DJ Kool Herc and his apartment in the West Bronx at 1520 Sedgwick Ave. The athletic dance style that we know today as breakdancing was also created on the streets of the Bronx.

Some other artist born in Bronx - Ice Spice, Romeo Santos, Pusha T

When thinking about the things to do in New York, know that this district is home to the largest zoo in the country. With an area of 265 acres, it can keep you entertained for much longer than a day.

Living here means being in one of the most diverse areas in the country. There is almost a 90% chance that any two residents picked randomly would be of different race or ethnicity. If you decide to hire professional moving services to relocate your belongings, you should take the extra time on your hands to look into many different neighborhoods that you can call home. Here are just some of them to help you make an informed and educated decision.

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The Best Neighborhoods in the Bronx

If you are relocating on a tighter budget, the Bronx might just be the perfect borough for you because it offers relatively affordable housing options. Go with as much info as you can, and think about public transit, open spaces, and architecture before you set your mind on one of the areas. Overcome the fear of moving by getting to know the area a little bit better.

Riverdale is one of the neighborhoods located just south of the Westchester County line, where the real estate prices have remained the same as they were ten years ago. The area still has a few grand, historic mansions, but you can find smaller houses and apartments in modern buildings, as well.

Riverdale has around 28,000 residents

You also get to enjoy the view of the Hudson River and walk around Wave Hill Gardens and Seton Park. It will almost feel like you are not in NYC anymore.

South of Riverdale is Kingsbridge, a favorite area for people that could not afford neighborhoods in Manhattan. Here you can find different types of housing, from a Tudor-style complex to brick houses. The area also picked up commercial development that can be seen in larger streets.

Fordham is for people that like to live close to train stations and university campuses. Here you can find renovated pre-war buildings, and there are plenty of rental options. Besides being the home of some of the famous sites like the Botanical Garden, Bronx Zoo and Paradise Theater, the area also has a noteworthy shopping district and a commercial strip named Little Italy.

Pelham Bay is the home of the largest public park in the Big Apple, covering 2,772 acres along the north-east side of the Bronx. The district blends urban and suburban architecture, using wood and bricks to give a unique vibe to every building.

Grand Concourse is situated around the borough’s courthouses and Yankee Stadium, and it has the largest collection of art deco buildings in America. As for housing, location is known for classic Tudor and Art Deco-style condo complexes. Here you can find many lunch and sports bars, as well as a farmer’s market.

Education Options Are Diverse

When it comes to education, there are many NYC public schools in this area. If you are relocating in pursuit of knowledge, this might be a place for you. Besides, if you’re not interested in public schools, there’s a whole range of private ones, from elite independent institutions to religiously affiliated schools.

You should know that several colleges and universities are located here. Fordham University, Hosts Community College, and Herbert H. Lehman offer undergrad and graduate degrees. As of 2017, alumni of The State University of New York Maritime College have the highest average annual salary of any graduates in the US.

After cross country moving to San Diego, you can attend breakdance overlay
The history of breakdancing and hip hop has been written here

Manhattan is the Economic Engine of NYC

Moving to New York will make you think about many different things that you didn’t even consider before – starting with the cost of living in New York, especially in Manhattan.

The cost of living here is more than double the US average. Yes, renting or buying in Manhattan can be pricey, but that is something to be expected since we’re talking about one of the most famous places in the whole world.

This is the economic engine of NY, which accounts for almost two-thirds of all jobs in the city and with the highest weekly paychecks among large counties in the US.

Median rent in Manhattan is $4,400 per month

If you are looking for a job, know that the workforce is focused on white-collar professions, mainly in financial, corporate, and tech and biotech sectors.

The Art of Broadway and Dining Out

Moving to Manhattan gives you the front seat to some of the world’s best plays, musicals, and revivals. All you have to do is put on some nice clothes and a pair of shiny shoes and head out to Broadway. This place attracts millions of people, so when you feel like singing along to Hamilton or The Lion King, this is where you should be.

Manhattan brings you some of the best restaurants in New York, as well. Don’t leave your fancy clothes in a storage unit, you will need them if you want to indulge in some fine dining. Then again, you can grab a pair of chopsticks and enjoy Japanese food, or have some pasta and get a taste of Italy. This is also one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities in the US. One of the many perks of living in the heart of the unofficial capital of the world is that you can usually find whatever you are looking for just around the corner.

The Heart of the US Financial Industry Is in Manhattan

The capital of the American and global financial industry is colloquially known as Wall Street, which is actually a real street located in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan. This is the home of the largest stock exchanges in the world, the NYSE and the NASDAQ, so if you wish to build a career in the financial sector, this is the place to be.

With over 500 million square feet of office space, this is the largest office market in the country and the largest central business district in the world. Looking for a job in advertising? Relocate here, and you will be staying in the industry’s global hub.

Jobs related to telecommunications, media, software development, gaming, tech, and biotech can also be found here. All in all, this is one of the best places to live in New York for ambitious individuals looking to climb the career ladder.

Top Financial Services Companies in Manhattan overlay
Top Financial Services Companies in Manhattan

Queens Neighborhoods Offer Cheaper Housing

Moving to Queens means you will be staying in the largest of the five boroughs. Finding a place to live in won’t be too difficult, and it won’t put a big dent into your budget. Buying a home here will cost less than in other parts of the city since the median price per square foot is $539. Also, the median rent price is $2,300, which is lower than the NYC median of $2,899.

If you decide to call this place home, know that aside from affordable homes, Queens offers diverse employment opportunities, making it a little easier to find a dream job.

Queens County Has the Most Diversified Economy in New York

Besides having the second-largest economy in NY, Queens also has the most diversified one. Here you can find work in health care, retail, manufacturing, construction, and transportation. In fact, trade and transportation account for nearly 30% of all jobs. If you are in the film and TV production industry, there might be a place for you, as well.

Home of Many Famous New Yorkers

If you choose to relocate here, you will be living in a place that was once home to many famous people. As a center of the punk rock movement that started with the Ramones, Queens has also been a starting ground for musicians 50 Cent, Run-D.M.C. Nicki Minaj, Nas, and Tony Bennett.

The Museum of the Moving Image is a media museum dedicated to the art, history, technique, and technology of film and television. That being said, actors Adrien Brody, Lucy Liu, and Idina Menzel were all born here. Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, theoretical physicist Richard Feynman was also born in Queens and grew up in Far Rockaway.

If you move long distance to New York, you can see Queens overlay
Queens is cheaper than the rest of NY.

Brooklyn Is a Hot Spot for Artists

Are you an artist, or do you aspire to be one? Then long distance moving to Brooklyn is the solution. The location has become a hotspot for many people who can’t afford an expensive lifestyle in Manhattan. Neighborhoods like DUMBO, Red Hook, and Park Slope are known for being artists-in-residence.

Since the area has played a major role in American culture, there are plenty of things you can experience and learn and places to visit while you are here. From the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and Philharmonic to the Brooklyn Museum, which holds the second-largest public art collection in the US, there are plenty of reasons why artists choose to migrate here.

However, artists are not the only ones who appreciate what this place has to offer, and that can be seen in the many different communities in Kings County.

The Diversity of Kings County

If the US is the melting pot of the world, Brooklyn is the melting pot of NYC. Local neighborhoods are dynamic and diverse. And since the Big Apple is a global immigration hub, Brooklyn evolved into a cosmopolitan place with many different cultures, ethnicities, and religions entwined and existing side by side.

Jewish Americans were responsible for starting many hospitals in this area. Here, you can find many kosher restaurants, synagogues, and Jewish businesses. More than 200,000 Chinese Americans live in Brooklyn, with the largest population concentrated in the so-called Chinatown. Here you can find an array of Chinese restaurants and always attend a Chinese New Year celebration.

The Caribbean and African Americans have their restaurants and bakeries, but also an annual celebration of Carnival.


With nearly 80% of its residents being Hispanic-American, Bushwick is the largest hub of the Latin American community in the city. Residents created many businesses with a traditional vibe to them.

Italian Americans reside around Bay Ridge and Cobble Hill, where you can find many Italian restaurants, cafes, clubs, and bakeries. If you ever find yourself craving Italian food, this is where you will find the best venues.

Brooklyn has a large ethnic press that includes El Diario La Prensa

The Muslim-American part of town is in the southwest of Kings County, which is brimming with Middle Eastern restaurants, shops, and lounges, as well as mosques and Islamic shops.

If you move long distance to New York, you can visit the Brooklyn overlay
Did you know that Brooklyn has 30 miles of shoreline?

Staten Island Is a Modern-Day Westeros

Fans of the popular TV show Game of Thrones should know that the map of Westeros is modeled after Staten Island. The place oozes with fresh air, hiking trails, and many outdoor sites. Make sure that the crew that provides you with packing services packs your good shoes – you are going to need them. The place has 170 parks you can walk around and let your pet play in.

If you are planning on renting, know that the median rent price is lower than the NY median, while the median value of a home is $508,700. Have you thought about transportation? Don’t let the fact that this is an island fool you – it is well connected with the rest of the city.

Bring Your Car with You

If you are moving to Staten Island, will you be shipping your car? Even though the area is surrounded by water, it is connected to the land with bridges, so driving is one of the options at your disposal. The fact that 82% of households have a car should encourage you to bring yours with you.

Public transportation is limited to ferries, buses, and railway, but they can get you where you need to go without a problem.  Also, using a ferry will be good for your budget, since it is free.

You Will Find a Sport That You Like

When you relocate here, you will realize that Staten Island is big on sports. There are many courts, playgrounds, and places where you can play.

Staten Island has teams in baseball and basketball, and it has been home to a number of national bowling champions.

If you are a fan of cricket, know that the oldest continuously operating club is located in Staten Island. With four golf courses, you can also swing that golf club all day long. Whichever sport you find interesting, you will probably find a place to practice it.

Ferry boat on a Staten Island overlay
Ferry is free since 1997

Map out the 5 Boroughs of New York City

Each of the five boroughs of New York City has its own story to tell. When you choose the one to call your home, you will become a part of it. Their unique culture, specific vibe, and lifestyle will have a sway on you, so pick wisely, and you won’t regret your decision to relocate.

Moving to New York means going to the place where dreams are made, so make sure to give yourself the best starting point by picking the borough that can help you achieve your dreams. When you are ready to make the move give Long Distance USA Movers a call. We will make sure your belongings are safely moved to the amazing and opportunity-filled NYC.

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