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Moving from New York to Washington with Long Distance USA Movers

Are you considering moving to the U.S. state of Washington? If so, don’t waste your time anymore! You are at the right place, because Long Distance USA Movers are the best choice for you! With us at your disposal, there's no need to look for another New York moving company.
Long Distance USA Movers is one of the best long distance moving companies in the country, so if you've been looking for a reliable New York moving company, you were lucky enough to find us. Our company offers a wide range of full relocation moving services. Anything from packing for your moving day to shipping a car long distance - you can rely on our company to get your job done in no time!
Long Distance USA Movers can provide you with packing services too. The majority of people who have had some experience with moving from a city or a state consider packing to be the most difficult part of the moving process. If you have no experience with packing and transportation, you can risk causing damage to your belongings. And you certainly don’t want that to happen! In that case, you can rely on Long Distance USA Movers’ professional packers to get the packing organized for you! Our packers use high-quality moving materials such as moving boxes of all shapes and sizes, duct tape, cushion foam, mattress bags, TV covers, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, etc. The safety of your belongings is our top priority and that’s why our company has invested in the quality moving material and moving supplies. Even the fragile items from your house can be moved to the state of Washington safely. Our packers will be more than glad to offer to unpack everything once you can enter your new house in Washington.
Our New York moving company provides storage services, too. We will take care of your belongings until you can move into your new house. Long Distance USA Movers offer reliable auto transport services, as well. Our company can move any kind of vehicle, including motorcycles, vans, minivans, trucks, pickups, hybrids, sports cars, and exotic cars. Take a look at the following list to see which services we offer and which suits you best.
- Shipping a car across country
- Nationwide auto transport
- Direct express auto transport
- Direct connect auto transport
- Enclosed auto transport
Should you choose to hire Long Distance USA Movers, you will only enjoy the moving comfort we provide and none of the stress that the moving process can cause! Choose the trustworthy New York moving company you have been looking for - choose Long Distance Moving Company! Read on for more information about the state you are moving to.

About the state of Washington

Washington is located in the Pacific Northwest area of the country. It shares its borders with Oregon, Idaho, and Canada. The capital of the state is the city of Olympia, while it’s largest city is Seattle. This is the 18th largest state in the country. The state was named after President George Washington, the first president of the United States of America. Washington is home to over 7 million residents. People from Washington are called Washingtonians. Most Washingtonians are white, although other races, such as Native Americans, African Americans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders are present, as well. The largest portion of Washingtonians are of German descent. Other common European ancestry groups include Irish, English, Hispanic, Norwegian, French, Italian, Swedish, and Scottish. The state of Washington has a climate that varies quite a bit when moving from west to east. The western area of the state predominantly belongs to the oceanic climate zone, while the eastern parts mostly experience semi-arid climate. Overall, the average yearly temperature ranges from a little over 50 degrees in the west to around 40 degrees in the east of the state. Washington as a whole receives over 40 inches of rain annually, although most rainfall occurs close to the Pacific coast.

Where to Live in Washington

Now that you know a little more about the Evergreen State, you might want to start thinking about which city to relocate to. The overall standard of living in the whole state of Washington is pretty high, so you are unlikely to regret any choice you make. However, just to make your search easier, we have put together a list of the best places to live in Washington:
  • Issaquah. This city  is located in King County. It is home to a little over 30 thousand people. It is a great place for those who enjoy outdoor activities, with great hiking and biking tracks. More than 95 per cent of Issaquah residents have a high school diploma, while the median household income is almost $85,000.
  • Bellevue. Another King County city, Bellevue is home to more than 100 thousand people. It is located right across Lake Washington, near the city of Seattle. The name is French for “beautiful view” which in itself says a lot about this stunning place. In 2008, the city was named the best place to live and start a business by CNNMoney, while in 2014, it was ranked second best place to live by USA Today.
  • Mercer Island. This high-end city boasts a median household income of more than $150,000. The city is populated by well-off families with great education. It is also home to probably the most beautiful nature in the area. There are numerous parks here, which makes Mercer Island ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle.
  • Olympia. The capital of the state of Washington needs little introduction. Although the average household income is only one third of that in Mercer Island, the costs of living are significantly lower, as well. The city is home to around 50,000 residents.
  • Seattle. This list would be incomplete without the state’s largest city. Seattle, also known as Rainy City, boasts various amenities. It is the commercial center of the state, as well as an important technological hub. It is also home to a popular music scene. More than half a million people call themselves Seattleites. 
Are you ready to move to the State of Washington? If so, we suggest you contact Long Distance USA Movers right away! We will make sure your long distance relocation goes according to plan. Our movers and packers will provide you with top notch moving services you simply cannot say no to. From packing and loading to transportation - we will take care of everything! Need car shipping services or storage as well? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is give us a call and schedule your moving day. Don’t waste any additional time now that you have a trustworthy New York moving company by your side - Washington is waiting for you!
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