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All You Should Know About Corporate Relocation

What is the process of relocation? Corporate relocation is a situation where a company is opening a new office in another city, state, or continent and asks some of its workers to uproot and move their whole lives and find a new home in order to work there. That way, companies get reliable people working in their new branch, and the employees get special benefits.

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Relocating for a job is a very common situation

How Does Employee Relocation Work and Why Don’t Companies Simply Hire New People?

It’s becoming more and more frequent that a company decides to expand and grow by opening new branches across the world. It’s become such a common practice that an entire rulebook on business etiquette has been made. But why do companies decide to go through the trouble of relocating their current employees and their families and spending more money instead of simply hiring new people who already live at that place at a lower cost? And why do people move?

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While at first glance it may seem to you that companies are spending a lot of money on nothing, it’s actually gaining money and profiting by relocating old employees. How is that possible? It’s because new office headquarters and branches are investments, and all investments carry risk. That’s why people try everything they can to lower the risk and make an investment a success and why companies bring out their best and most reliable employees to run the new branches. The employees are the ones that make the new offices either fail or fly, which is why it makes sense to put your most competent people to run them. Plus, think of all the money companies would spend finding and training new employees.

What Does Relocation Mean In a Job and Why Is It a Good Thing?

While many people think that relocating for a job always comes with a negative connotation and is way too complicated, there are many benefits of moving to work in the new headquarters. Of course, there is a lot of moving stress involved, but it’s not all bad. It’s a big change, but it could be a great decision for your career. So, when you start writing your pros and cons list, make sure to include these reasons to move:

  • If your boss asked you to uproot your whole life and move to a new state and find a new home to be involved in a new project, you should find it flattering since he considers you a valuable asset to the company. Relocating for a job usually involves a promotion and many other benefits besides a pay raise because CEOs want to have experienced people at all the higher positions in the new branch, so they are willing to go the extra mile to make that happen.
  • You could use a change of scenery. While it is true that you will be turning your life upside down because of an office move, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, so you shouldn’t let your fear of relocating decide this for you. You might end up relocating to a warmer climate or your dream city and having an adventure of a lifetime. Think about all the advantages of living in a place like that, and, while some anxiety about the move is normal, adjusting to a new place might not be as hard as you initially thought.
  • This change in your surroundings could give you an opportunity to learn new things and improve your skills. If you end up having an international move, you could end up learning a new language, learning new things about a different culture, new customs, and so on. Not to mention that you will drastically improve your job skills and gain new experience.

What Should I Ask For Corporate Relocation and How Does the Process Work?

Both global and US-based enterprises have perfected the process of corporate relocation. It’s become so frequent that the rules and moving terms have become pretty standard, and both companies and the workers know what to expect. The standard protocol is that your employer should cover all of your corporate relocation expenses and provide you with a moving budget.

However, there is more to it than just paying for the cross-country moving services. Companies have been known for taking care of much more than that, depending on your position and value in the company. Basically, they try to lure you into taking the offer by throwing money and benefits at you and trying to do anything they can to make you feel comfortable with the move. Some global enterprises have taken extra steps in trying to keep an employee – they have paid tuition for people relocating with kids and paid for flights on private planes, not to mention the thousands of dollars spent on housing and hotel rooms. But even without the extra treatment, your employer is obligated to do more for you than just pay the long-distance movers.

Your Employer Has to Pay For Your Travel Expenses

Besides the cost of cross-country movers, the second biggest expense when it comes to a move are the travel expenses. No matter if your employer wants to move you to a next-door city or a different continent, under no circumstances should you pay for your own transport. Your employer is obligated to provide you with transport, usually by buying you a plane ticket.

Your Health Insurance Should be Covered

With your mind preoccupied with questions on how to move, dealing with a health insurance policy shouldn’t be your job. Reputable, successful companies have partnerships with health insurance companies, and they will contact them and cover your health insurance policy.

The Compensation Package Should Help Your Partner and Children as Well

The reason why companies usually target people that live on their own for transferring is that the situation gets much more complicated when you have to transfer the entire family. It’s much harder to convince an entire family leading their own separate lives to move somewhere. The bigger the change, the bigger the compensation package. The employer has to buy plane tickets for everyone in your family, they have to find a bigger home and pay more for housing, and they have to be sure your children will be able to attend school if you’re relocating with kids. Another issue is when the spouse has a steady job – they have to quit, and the company needs to provide them with financial compensation for their sacrifice.

The Company Should Do as Much as Possible to Help You Adjust

Trying to fit into new and unfamiliar surroundings can be challenging and difficult, especially if a global enterprise is sending you somewhere halfway across the world on an international move, into a country you know nothing about. That is why your employer should do everything possible to ease this transition period for you. If there is a need for you to learn a new language, they should pay for the lessons. If the city is overcrowded, you should get help with house-hunting or even paying rent for a little while. If you need to drive to work from home every day, they should pay for fuel and either get you a new car or provide you with auto transport services.

What Corporate Relocation Package Model Is the Best?

There are three different types of relocation packages companies use, and your position is what determines which one you will get:

  • Lump sum – the enterprise offers a fixed amount of resources for professional services, and you contact movers and organize everything,
  • Managed budget – this package is the most popular one, it offers a fixed amount of resources, but with the added service of a professional mover that will organize everything,
  • Fully-covered package – every service is covered from start to finish, this package is usually reserved for higher positions.

Be Sure Your Company Has Found the Best Long-Distance Moving Services

Most people get a managed budget package when they move for a job these days. It’s the most practical way of handling things, and companies always have a deal with some long-distance moving company that helps them save money. That deal almost always includes a  relocating insurance policy as an added service, and in some cases, it includes storage services as well.

Companies Should Also Pay For Packing Service

The worst and most stressful part of any move is probably the tiring process of packing all of your belongings into boxes. That’s why it’s become standard practice for companies to pay for packing services as well. That way, movers do all the heavy lifting and the employee can focus on their job and prepare for the move.

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The cost of professional packing services should be covered as well

Feel Free to Talk to Your Boss But Don’t Push It, Some Demands Are Too Much

Feel free to ask for a standard relocation package since it’s the minimum of what you deserve, and you can try to negotiate over the details a little bit if you see your boss is in a good mood, but don’t push it. Always remember that you’re replaceable and that there is always someone willing to do your job for a lot less. But that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to ask for what is rightfully yours. If your employer refuses to give you any kind of compensation or doesn’t want to cover your expenses, you should know that you’re not dealing with a reputable company. If you get extremely nervous and shy talking to your superior and need some help on how to talk to your boss, watch this video.

While we can all agree that every employee going through this process deserves covered expenses and some other kind of compensation for their troubles, there is a fine line between asking for compensation for having your world turned upside down and asking for too much. There is a limit to how much you can demand and what questions you can ask your employers. So here are some things you shouldn’t expect your boss to cover within your relocation package.

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Never Expect to Get Permanent Housing

While it is pretty standard for your employer to help you out a bit by paying rent for an apartment for the first month or two or trying to contact a real estate agent, it’s completely unreasonable for you to expect to get permanent housing. This perk is reserved only for the most important people in high positions, like CEOs. Be grateful if your employer agrees to help you out during your first month since it’s not a part of standard practice.

Your Employer Isn’t Responsible For Your Pets

While it is true that your employer needs to take care of and cover all expenses for you and your family, your pets are not part of the deal, and it would be pretty irrational to bring it up with your boss, no matter how unfair it might seem to people relocating with pets. So, don’t contact and ask your employer to pay for a plane ticket for your dog, vet bills, or pet registration which you can take care of on your own by going to the Aprpets website.

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Companies don't usually cover the costs of relocating pets

This Is Not an Easy Decision to Make, So Take Your Time to Think It Through

No matter how generous the proposal is, don’t rush into making this important decision without checking in with your family. If you were relocating to another state alone, making this decision would be much easier. However, when you have a family to think about, you need to be sure they’re on board as well. It’s something that will affect and disrupt your whole life and the lives of all your family members, so don’t take it lightly. Think about all the advantages and disadvantages of this experience, talk to your boss about the expense deductions and benefits, and talk to your family member to see if they would be comfortable with this change in their lifestyle.

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