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Why are People Moving From Los Angeles to Austin – Benefits of Becoming a Texan

We all have heard that many people are moving from Los Angeles to Austin, but what is the reason for this trend? It is hard to imagine a person living in a dream metropolis such as LA wanting to leave the place and move anywhere else in the world. Still, for some reason, this trend exists, and more and more Americans are moving to Austin from LA, and believe it or not, non-existent income taxes are not the main reason.

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It is a fun and hip place, with plenty of opportunities

So why is LA moving to Austin? Is Austin, Texas, better than Los Angeles? Well, to answer these questions, we must compare two cities and see what you will gain and lose by relocating to the Lone Star State. And once you have all the reasons for this phenomenon, your fear of relocating will simply disappear, and you will have the answer to the question, “Should I move to Los Angeles or Austin?”.

What Are the Benefits of Moving From Los Angeles to Austin?

There are many reasons to move from LA to the capital of Lone Star State, popularly called “Bat City.” And there are good sides to living in LA as well as living in ATX. In LA, you will be exposed to one of the biggest economies in the world on one side, but on the other job market will be extremely competitive, and it may be hard for you to find a job right away. But if you decide to become Texan, you will not have this problem because the unemployment rate in TX is among the lowest in the country, 4.2%.

If cultural diversity and amazing climate is the main reason you like LA so much, you would be happy to hear that TX and its capital are diverse and rich in many different cultures and ethnicities from all over the world. You will see the influence of Mexican, Asian, Greek, and many more cultures in the food, music, and festivals. You will hear Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese languages on every corner.

Austin and TX Will Be Perfect for Your LLC

If you own a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or any other kind of business, you can relocate your business to TX and earn money along the way. As you may know, TX is among only five states that don’t have any taxes on businesses. This is one of the reasons why so many big tech companies are relocating their business from California to TX. No income taxes policy will allow you to use and invest more profit in your company, and this local policy is implied for small businesses as well.

There Will Be Plenty of Job Opportunities

Relocating for a job is one of the top reasons people choose TX and its capital. It has a low unemployment rate, at 2.7%, and it has become heaven for many startups, small businesses, and big tech companies. The bustling economy has made Texan capital one of the hottest job markets in the country. And if you wonder what is a good salary in Austin, the average annual salary is $75,000, while the most lucrative positions are reserved for software engineers and project managers. The biggest employers are Dell inc, PayPal, and the University of TX. According to Numbeo, you will need $5,700 to maintain the same life quality as in LA for $6,700. So if you plan to get a job in a new town after relocating there, here is a list of other big companies you can apply for – Apple, Meta, Google, and IBM, to name a few.

Climate Is Phenomenal

Coming from LA to the capital of TX will be easy, especially if the Californian climate is what you like the most. Relocating to Austin will not feel like a huge difference when it comes to weather. If you like all-year-round sunshine, no snow, and humidity, then this metropolis will be perfect for you, and no adjusting to a new town will be needed. It has long, hot summers, short and mild winters, warm springs, and falls. And even though it doesn’t have an ocean, like LA, there are plenty of places where you can cool off and enjoy a nice swim.

One of the most popular spots is State Park, located just a couple of miles from downtown. There are waterfalls, swimming spots, miles of hiking trails, and plenty of places where you can have a picnic or if you simply want to enjoy your privacy. If you are relocating with kids, State Park will be your favorite local place to visit.

It Is a Fun Town to Live In

If you are worried that moving to Austin from Los Angeles will deprive you of amazing nightlife and fun, pleasant people, you will be wrong. And even though the nightlife of LA is hard to beat, we could fairly say the capital of TX can parry. It is a foodie’s heaven, with one of the best food scenes in the world and cuisines from many different cultures. But food and some of the best restaurants are not all this metropolis has to offer. The vibrant music and art scene will keep you entertained and occupied all year round alongside some of the most exciting sports events in the country.

Your Kids Will Receive an Exceptional Education

Even though it is a large town with more than two million people living in the metropolitan area, the capital of TX is rated to be one of the best places to raise a family in the state. The public school system is ranked among the best in TX. But with the growing economy, the need for educational expansion has never been greater, and the government has managed to respond to this demand by increasing the existing and creating new school districts in communities and neighborhoods. When it comes to higher education, Bat City is highly ranked as well. So finding a perfect college dorm to relocate to will be easy.

You Will Not Lack Outdoor Activities

If you are relocating for the first time and this is your first cross-country moving, you will have to keep an open mind if you wish to avoid depression after relocating. But luckily, sunshine all year round and plenty of green areas will help you make this transition much smoother. You probably wonder, “but how is this better than LA?” Well, for starters, you will get to the amazing nature and hiking spots much easier and faster, and there will be no LA traffic to ruin your perfect day or long weekends. For much smaller prices, you’ll get to enjoy some of the country’s best falls, lakes, and parks located in the famous Green Belt. Green Belt is stretched on the 7.25 miles of public space filled with swimming spots, picnic, and hiking areas.

Texas Cost of Living Is a Lot Lower Than in California

So is Austin cheaper than LA? This is probably the most important question many people ask before they decide where to live, and we all know that LA costs of living are among the highest in the country, but let’s see how wide the gap is. Consumer prices are 12% lower in Bat City compared to LA. A meal in an expensive restaurant for one person is $16 in ATX, while in LA is $20. If you want to eat a three-course meal for two people, you will pay $90 in LA, and in the Texas capital, the price will be $65.If you are relocating with pets, the vet visit will be around $55, while in LA, you will pay around $60.

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The Price of Your House Will Be Much Lower

No matter if you are relocating alone or with family, if you relocate to the capital of TX, one thing is for sure housing will be much cheaper. If you decide to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center in Bat City, you will pay $2.100, while the same apartment in LA will be around $2.500. The median home value in LA is around $910,330, while in the capital of Texas, the median value is $445,800.

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Finding a place to live will be easy

How Much Does It Cost to Move From LA to Austin?

Long-distance moving is challenging and demands a lot of preparation. And it is one of the things you can hardly do alone without the help of professionals. As you know, a long-distance moving company will base its price according to the distance and type of cross-country moving services. For example, if you hire long-distance movers for packing service, the price will be higher.

Also, the price will not be the same if the movers have to relocate a two-bedroom apartment instead of four-bedroom households. So as you can see, the cost of long-distance moving services can vary by far, but on average, to relocate from LA to the capital of Texas, you will pay somewhere between $ 8,000 to $10,000.

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Find Long-Distance Movers Near Me and Ask for Free Quote

One of the biggest arrangements for moving from LA to Austin is to create a relocation budget and hire cross country moving company that can fit your needs. Start by online searching for the companies that do this kind of move. Narrow down your choice to at least five companies and ask them to give you a free quote for your move. This quote will not be the exact price because cross-country movers can not make precise estimates without in-home estimation, where they will see how much of the belongings you have to relocate. But the free quote will give you an idea about how much your move will cost, and you will be able to narrow down your choice to three companies to give you an in-home estimation.

Let Movers Come To Your Home to Give You an Estimate

Once you have narrowed down your search to at least three companies, your next step is to arrange an in-home consultation with those companies. If the company doesn’t do an in-home or video estimate of your move, it is a huge red flag. Because as we mentioned, without this estimate, movers will not be able to tell how big your move is. Once they are in privacy of your home, they will make an inventory list of all the things you plan to bring, and only after you have decided what kind of services you need and the list is created will you get an estimate of your move. The best is to go with a company that is flexible and where you can change the price of your move along the way if you are in need of making these changes.

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Should I Move to Los Angeles or Austin?

One of the things that can make you want to relocate to LA and not ATX is the humidity that, with hot summers, can be hard to bear. There will be no ocean breeze to cool you off, but as we mentioned before there are plenty of spots where you can swim and chill. Another downside is that this metropolis is on the rise and is mostly a car-centric place. As a consequence, traffic jams have become more and more present. But even though there is traffic, it still can not be compared to LA and its infamous jams.

Finally, the biggest question is what ATX has to offer that LA can not? Well, lower costs of living, great housing options, and plenty of job opportunities will beat LA’s offer anytime.

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