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15 Best Restaurants in Houston You Have to Check Out

If you are planning to relocate to the so-called Space City, you might be looking to celebrate the start of your new Texas life in some of the best restaurants in Houston. Depending on your specific taste, you can find culinary masterpieces from all over the world in H-Town. After all, there are more than 10,000 eating establishments in and around this metropolis, and the only obstacle might be the overabundance of choices.

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Houston has plenty of great eateries

Keep in mind that the culture of dining-out is widespread in H-Town since Houstonians eat out more than residents of any other city in the US. With more than 70 national cuisines and over 600 vegan-friendly spots to choose from, moving to Houston might be a dream come true for every foodie out there.

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#1 Xochi Was Voted One of the Best Restaurants in Houston

Located in Downtown, Xochi celebrates the Oaxaca lifestyle and everything that comes along with it. With James Beard Award-winning chef Hugo Ortega in the kitchen, this is the spot where you can enjoy chic plates such as infladita de conejo. This specialty is basically succulent rabbit meat in a puffed black tortilla filled with raisins, almonds, tomato, and refritos.

Busy weekdays are reserved for all-you-can-eat brunches that can put many buffets in H-Town to shame. Also, happy hour is every day Monday through Friday, from 3 pm to 6:30 pm. Use this time to enjoy Gulf oysters, cotija cheese, and a vast offer of margaritas and spirits.

Once you relocate and start exploring the unfamiliar area, you won’t make a mistake if you choose to check out Xochi. This place was put on the top of the list of best restaurants by the Chronicle, the largest daily newspaper in H-Town.

What to Eat in Xochi

Go over the long list of meals, and you will spot Mexican street food called antojitos, raw specialties, soups, and salads. You can’t go wrong if you order four-mole tasting with tortillas, house-made quesillo, or pork shank with roasted pineapple and Istmeño peppers.

If you get thirsty at some point, there are original Mexican cocktails, mezcals, tequilas, craft beer, as well as hot chocolate with churros, a masterpiece from the hands of pastry chef Ruben Ortega.

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Did you know that once upon a time, tortillas were sold in cans?

#2 Bamboo House Is Among the Up-and-Coming Restaurants of 2020

Bamboo House debuted in H-Town in December of 2019, and it is already creating a buzz in the community. With enticing Chinese dishes and soup dumplings, this is a place every foodie should visit. With 30 years of culinary experience, William Chu brings to his customers fresh and authentic flavors of China.

The mission of Bamboo House is to bring dishes with less salt, without canned or artificial ingredients. With fresh components, Chu​prepares specialties from the Sichuan province, one of the most popular Chinese cuisines.

Don’t leave Bamboo House without trying Pockmarked Granny Bean Curd that is served with chili and topped with pork, minced meat, or beef, as well as Kung Pao Chicken, made with peanuts and dry red pepper.

Drink and Eat in One of the Best Restaurants in Houston

Bamboo House offers its visitors a long list of drinks. They have beer, domestic and international, as well as drafts. Also, if you feel adventurous, there are refreshing cocktails and nine different types of wine. Those who are not big drinkers can enjoy soft drinks such as coconut, orange, pineapple, and plum juice, as well as hot beverages such as tea and coffee.

Don’t miss out on trying the crepes. They are thin pancakes filled with sweet fillings such as jam, ice cream, fruits, Nutella, or sugar, and then topped with cream or syrups. If you can’t get enough of Asain food, the video below features several other spots that you can check out.

#3 Candente – Tex-Mex Barbecue

Candente is another newly opened eatery that delivers barbecue flavors mixed with Tex-Mex classics to its guests.

This eclectic spot is located in Montrose, in Museum District, and it gives the Houstonians everything they crave when it comes to tacos, enchiladas, beef, and other meals.

Candente allows you to experience foods grilled on fire pits, as well as burritos, carnitas, and botanas. The bar menu is not your typical Tex Mex list of drinks; there are Paloma cocktails, frozen drinks to cool you down on a hot day, as well as sangria.

Every Monday through Friday, there is a happy hour. If you are concerned about the cost of living in H-Town, and you want to save up, use this time to go out and have some cheap tostada, guacamole, or fish tacos.

#4 La Table – Upscale and Luxurious

How do you feel about an upscale date night? When moving in with your girlfriend, you might want to charm her and sweep her off her feet with a lovely night out. Make a reservation for two at La Table, a French restaurant with an elegant dining room and a luxurious vibe to it.

La Table is split into two areas, one more casual than the other. When you don’t feel like dressing up and being all fancy, you can still enjoy crispy potatoes, capers, and scallops. Just make a reservation for Marche – a casual downstairs dining and outdoor patio.

Grab Some Baked Goods as Well

Let’s say you moved in with your boyfriend, but he is not a huge fan of upscale dining. You can still show affection by grabbing some of the freshly baked goods from La Table bakery.

They say that the shortest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you want to put this saying to the test, grab some cookies, pastries, and bread. Also, treat yourself to some chocolate eclairs, tarts, and opera cake.

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Snails and oysters are popular here.

#5 Nancy’s Hustle

Are you in the mood for some familiar yet different flavors? Stop by Nancy’s Hustle, a self-proclaimed “European-American” eatery.

When you get a table, you will see that the menu is split into two sections – medium and large plates. Have a medium one for yourself or share a large one with somebody.

Don’t overthink it, order whatever you feel like eating at the moment – you cannot go wrong here. There are marinated white anchovies, gem lettuce with crispy pancetta, pan-roasted sea bass for all of those who love seafood, and, of course, burger on a brioche English muffin. Also, when you feel like it, try their original Nancy Cakes that are served with homemade whipped butter and smoked trout roe.

For all of those with a sweet tooth, there is an extensive list of deserts such as parmesan cheesecake with black pepper honey, warm brown butter peanut tasty cakes, and sesame napoleon layered with caramelized honey ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Treat Yourself to a Drink (or Two)

Making friends in a new city shouldn’t be that hard in H-Town. Invite your neighbors or new coworkers for a drink after work, and you can’t make a mistake if you pick Nancy’s Hustle as a meeting spot. Share a story or two, and you will see how easy it is to make new friends.

As far as drinks go, you will find not only beer but the house and seasonal cocktails for everybody’s taste as well. From Nancy’s Cosmo to V for Victory, bartenders mix scotch, honey, lemon, cognac, and other spirits into tasty cocktails that will keep you coming back to the bar.

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Cocktails were invented in America and made famous during the Prohibition Era.

#6 Georgia James

Georgia James is not your typical steakhouse, but it still has a luxury vibe to it. Owned by James Beard Award-winning Chef Chris Shepherd, the place was inspired by people and cultures that exist in the city.

Georgia James is excellent for special occasions and classy dates thanks to its versatile food offer. Those who are not steak lovers can have lamb chops with coriander and cumin, barbacoa-style short ribs, or wood-fired gulf fish. Try eating raw foods made with fresh and quality products, as well.

Shepherd reinvents and keeps Georgia James offer fresh with the help of his team that is in charge of spirits, pastry, and wine offers.

when you move long distance to Houston, you can eat the best steak overlay
The word steak literally means meat on a stick.

#7 Riel – a Modern American Venue

Riel is everything a modern American restaurant should be – a mix of different cuisines, with chefs that use high-quality seasonal ingredients.

If you love your food with a little bit of French, Canadian, and Ukrainian influences, Riel is the spot for you. When moving to Texas, there will be plenty of opportunities to eat meat, and Riel is no exception. It gives its customers the chance to try the crispy pork belly, steak tartare, and smoked meats.

H-Town might not seem like one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities in the US, but there are restaurant options that will satisfy every non-meat eater. Check out grilled eggplant or cabbage rolls at Riel, and see for yourself.

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Mixed heritage creates great dishes.

#8 Brennan’s of Houston

Brennan’s of Houston is a spot with a rich and long history, and it opened as a sister restaurant to the famous Commander’s Palace in New Orleans.

The exceptional dining experience is created with fresh local ingredients and original creations. The motto of the chefs and employees is to create great memories for guests.

Try Soup du Jour, made with seasonal ingredients, or turtle soup. If you are a fan of seafood, there is a texas shrimp and grits, as well as gulf fish. All the meat lovers can have beef, pork, chicken, and those who dare to try new things should order Cajun Fried Frog Legs. Besides, if you are in a hurry, there is a to-go offer.

The award-winning wine program is created by “wine guys” Marcus Gausepohl and Rich Carter. The list of wines has more than 2,000 bottles from all around the globe and an additional 40 selections by the glass.

Check out Jazz Brunch

If you’re wondering how to meet your neighbors, and you’re going over your options, stick to the simple ones. Invite them out for a dinner or a drink. Brennan’s Weekend Jazz Brunches are a tradition many Houstonians are familiar with. Kick back and relax in sun-filled dining areas while enjoying tasty meals and listening to smooth jazz.

#9 Indika

Acclaimed chef Anita Jaisinghani of Pondicheri created Indika, an award-winning and multi-regional restaurant of Indian cuisine.

Indika provides its customers with food with Silk Road origins. You can go over the menu and order grilled poultry, seafood, tandoori meats, vegetables, stuffed bread, kababs, and lamb. If you are more into traditional flavors of Indian cuisine, you can order Tikka Masala, Wok Sautéed meats and vegetables, Creamy Kormas, and classic curries.

Hiring a Houston moving company with professional moving services and relocating to an unfamiliar town may require some saving up, at least in the first month or two, until you settle down and find a well-paid job. That doesn’t mean you have to cook all day long. Check out Indika buffet, where mid-range lunch is between $15 and $18, while dinner is between $20 and $25.

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Coconut and mustard are commonly used in South Indian cuisine.

#10 Hugo’s

Whoever craves Mexican tastes can check out Hugo’s, located in the heart of Montrose. “Authentic Mexican cooking is a world-class cuisine that has remained virtually unchanged by the outside world,” executive chef Hugo Ortega said about the food.

Are you a big fan of mole sauce and fresh tortillas? This might be the place for you. If you are moving because of a job and are in the vicinity of Hugo’s, don’t hesitate to stop by during lunch hours and try ceviche Tradicional, tamales de cochinita pibil, or taquitos de pollo. After a tasty meal, going back to work should be easy enough.

Go over there on Saturday and Sunday for brunch buffets, check vegetarian and dinner menus, and see why Hugo’s is so popular with Houstonians. For all the people that love sweets, there are deserts such as tarta de Manzana, which is apple tart with vanilla cream, or capirotada, which is bread pudding served with sugar syrup, ice cream, and peanuts.

If you need to kick back and relax, happy hours are from Monday to Friday, and you can have a taste of wine, Mexican beers, texas brewed, spirits, and cocktails. Besides, if you are too lazy to go out, you can order some take out.

Hugo’s is located in a building constructed in 1925 by the well-known architect Joseph Finger. When enjoying your meals, you will also get to enjoy the overall design of the place, which is chic with contemporary touches and traditional elements of old Mexico.

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Tacos were introduced to mainstream American consumption in 1951.

#11 Rosie Cannonball

Rosie Cannonball is an Italian gem located at Montrose, and it gives its customers a menu that draws inspiration from vegetables, pasta, and pizza, but also seafood and meat cooked over an open fire.

The venue serves European comfort food in an upbeat atmosphere. It celebrates the origins of cooking in a unique way, through the open fire that is centered around a wood-burning oven and grill.

If you stop by to grab some lunch, you can choose between pepperoni pizza, chicken basquaise, Pasta e Ceci, and many other traditional Italian dishes. The dinner list also has pasta and pizza in its offer, while the late-night bar menu consists of roasted potatoes, homemade pasta, and salads.

Don’t forget to check out desserts such as white truffle meringata with praline anglaise, vanilla, candied hazelnut, and Sicilian pistachio gelato. The wine card might also surprise you. From drinks served in a glass to sparkling rose and champagne, you can have any kind of wine that you want. Italian, francais, or Spanish, there are even drinks from Portugal and Greece. Feel the taste of the world by ordering a glass of wine; you won’t regret it.

Finally, no Italian spot is complete without coffee. Have a taste of drip, espresso, americano, cortado, or cappuccino, just the way Italians love it.

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There are more than 600 different pasta forms.

#12 The Breakfast Klub

Regardless of whether you are packing, relocating, adjusting to a different lifestyle, or just living like a true Houstonian, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So be careful not to miss it.

With the name like The Breakfast Klub, this famous spot almost promises an unforgettable eating experience first thing in the morning. It’s a casual family-style spot that can be a perfect destination for all of those who are moving with kids and want to spend quality time with them before sending them away to one of the public or private schools in Houston.

The Breakfast Klub is located in Midtown. It is easily accessible, so even if you don’t ship your car with you, there are plenty of public transport options you can take to get here.

Stop by between 11 am and 2 pm and check out daily specials that change Monday through Friday. Depending on the day, you can have crispy wings, penne pasta, catfish, or grilled shrimp.

When moving from a small town to a big city, and you are on your way to conquer the day, stop by and get your java fix. For all caffeine addicts, there is a bottomless cup of coffee that you can refill until you’ve had enough. Meanwhile, your kids can have chocolate milk or iced tea.

If you want to move and try the best breakfast in Atlanta's restaurants, long distance movers can help you overlay
Waffles have been around since the 14th century.

#13 Feges BBQ

Feges BBQ mixes smoked meats with a diverse array of Moroccan spiced corn salads, carrots, and Asian cucumbers.

Meat lovers will have fun trying out all the meats combinations on the Feges BBQ menu. There are briskets, pork ribs, boudin, turkey, pulled pork, and chicken. Most of those are made on a grill, but you can find fried options as well.

There is even an option called “Not feeling meat today…” where you can get kale and BBQ salad instead.

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The longest BBQ in the world was 80 hours long.

#14 Kata Robata

Kata Robata is one of the most popular sushi spots for many Houstonians. Chef Manabu Horiuchi made a reputation for himself by serving fresh fish and creative dishes for his guests.

The omasake service is one of the best in the city, and the offer changes depending on the type of fish Kata Robata has that day.

“I try to make each dish simple—not too many ingredients. The preparation of each dish is the most important component to me,” Horiuchi says about his preparation process.

Kata Robata has affordable lunches, where you can spend less than $20 for mid-day deals, and on top of saving money, you will be eating healthy. There are also red, white, and rose wines.

With the finest selection of sake and classic drinks, this is more than just a place to have great sushi (as if that wasn’t enough).

After moving long distance, you can enjoy the best sushi in Austin's restaurants overlay
Sushi started as a cheap fast snack.

#15 Cuchara

Cuchara is located in a modern and open space that has a lot of color and textures in rainbow plates. When you sit down to have some tasty dishes, you will spot murals by artist Cecilia Beaven, who creates playful animal icons, a maze of cars, roads, and flames.

If you stop by during brunch time, you can have Tacos de tasajo, Lamb barbacoa, Tamal costeño, or Huevos divorciados, as well as margaritas, tequila blanco, or bloody maria. The dinner menu comes with appetizers, soups, and salad as well. Try Mole negro, a dish with 34 ingredients or Asado de res Doña Julia, a 150-year-old recipe of tips of beef tenderloin with carrots and potatoes in spicy red salsa.

Cuchara serves sangria, Kahlua, and many other beverages to its guests, completing the overall enjoyable experience.

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