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        Dallas Texas
        November 25, 2019
        Moving to Dallas – Everything You Need to Know

        Whether you are still contemplating a potential move to some other part of the country, or it is an impending task ahead of you, you would want to weigh in all the options you have. If you don’t have your destination set in stone yet, we suggest moving to Dallas, Texas, because there are ample reasons to do that.

        High buildings in Austin
        November 26, 2019
        Moving to Austin – Meet the Texas Capital

        Moving to Austin can be an interesting adventure. There are a lot of reasons why people move to the capital of the Lone Star State, which at least 150 newcomers settling in each day can testify to. Summing up those reasons to great barbecue, live music, and pleasant weather would do injustice to this interesting and fast-growing place.

        Ready to move in and embrace Houston's charm, with a scenic view of Buffalo Bayou winding through the dynamic cityscape. The well-maintained road alongside adds to the appeal, promising both urban vibrancy and tranquil beauty in your new home.
        December 4, 2019
        10 Reasons for Moving to Houston

        When thinking about moving to Houston, probably the last thing you want to hear is Houston, we have a problem. Luckily, this is not an expedition to the Moon but relocation to H-Town, one of the most exciting cities in TX, which is why we gather all the pros you should consider when relocating here.


        Our Services

        Auto Transport

        Move your car across the country in an open or enclosed trailer – for an affordable fee. We offer car transport as a standalone service, but you can bundle it with your household move and get a hefty discount.

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        Packing Service

        Sit back and relax, we’ve got packing services covered. We use moving blankets, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and even custom wooden crating. Your stuff will be protected and carefully handled during the move.

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        Moving Services

        Treat yourself with a white glove long distance moving service that’s based on the inventory list and not weight. This means a price guarantee, transparent move costs and premium moving service.

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        Moving Insurance

        All your stuff is secure with Long Distance USA Movers, but in case something does happen to it, there’s a moving insurance policy in place. We offer both basic Valuation Coverage and Full Value Protection.

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        Storage Services

        Our spacious climate-controlled units will protect your things until the drop-off. No need to worry about them because all items are labeled and secure, and each customer gets a dedicated unit mixup isn’t possible.

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        The Moving Process

        1. Fill in the Quote Form

          Best way to get in touch and get a price estimate is to fill out a quote form and you will be contacted often in matter of minutes, but definitely in less than 24 hours. If you don’t feel like typing, just give us a call.

        2. Get in Touch with a Relocation Specialist

          Your (very) dedicated relocation specialist will guide you through the process, explain everything, and be there every step of the way. Together you will create a moving inventory list with which you will get a guaranteed price.

        3. Sign the Documents

          Once the details have been hammered out, it’s time to hammer them in with a binding agreement that’s meant to protect you and your things. You will get your personal reference number which you will use for shipment tracking and future inquiries.

        4. Move Effortlessly.

          Yes, it is that simple. Our expert movers will pack all your belongings, protect them, load them carefully and send them on their way. The same goes for unloading. Experience a true white glove moving service. That’s it!

        San Antonio Long Distance Movers

        If you are relocating to San Antonio, you are in for a treat! This vibrant city is full of culture, history, and entertainment. Whether you are looking for a new job opportunity or just want to experience the city’s unique atmosphere, San Antonio has something for everyone. When it comes to moving to San Antonio, you need reliable and experienced San Antonio long-distance movers to help you get settled in your new home. With years of experience in the moving industry, our team of professionals can provide you with a stress-free move that will make your transition to San Antonio as smooth as possible.

        professional cross country movers are loading the truck

        Learn More About San Antonio Long Distance Movers and the Best Moving Services

        Our long-distance moving services in San Antonio are designed to make your cross-country moving easier and more reliable. Our top-notch customer service, state-of-the-art equipment, and efficient crew of long-distance movers in San Antonio make us the leading professionals in the area. We provide a full suite of services to ensure that your move is safe and stress-free.

        Our long-distance movers in San Antonio, TX, offer a range of services tailored to meet your needs.

        For our service, we make transparent and understandable quotes without any hidden fees. Our prices are based on the inventory list of items you plan to bring. The inventory list will always be available to our customers for any possible alterations all up to one day before your move. This way, our customers can change the price of their move to fit their needs.

        Hire Our Long-Distance Movers in San Antonio and Get Excellent Packing Services

        At Long Distance USA Movers, we understand that packing is one of the most important parts of a successful move. That’s why our long-distance movers in San Antonio offer comprehensive packing services to make your move as stress-free as possible. Our experienced team of professional movers will carefully pack and protect all your belongings, thus making sure they arrive safely at your new home.

        Another important thing we should mention is that all customers that hire us for regular cross-country moving services will get standard packing included in the price. Standard packing means that our professional packers will deal with all your large items (bigger than the standard box). Our team will disassemble all your furniture before placing it on the truck, and once your items are at your new destination, they will reassemble all the furniture and place it in the desired spot.

        Customizable Packing Solutions for a Stress-Free Move

        We provide both full and partial packing services so that you can customize your needs depending on your budget and time. With our full packing services, our cross country movers  will come to your home and pack all the belongings you wish to transport. We will bring our packing materials as well as cushioning and protective supplies.

        If you want to do some packing yourself, you can hire us for partial packing services. With this option, we will only pack items you specify us to pack.

        Our Long Distance Movers Provide Expert Car Shipping Services for a Stress-Free Move

        Long Distance USA Movers provide secure, reliable, and efficient car shipping services to get your vehicle from point A to point B quickly and safely. We understand the value of your vehicle and take great care when handling it throughout the relocation process. Our team of professional drivers is experienced in long-distance transportation and has the knowledge and expertise to ensure a safe and stress-free move to San Antonio.

        Open trailer on the road

        Choose Your Level of Protection - Open and Enclosed Trailer Car Shipping Options

        When it comes to transporting a vehicle, there are two main options: open and enclosed car shipping. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, and the choice you make will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

        Open trailers are the more common and affordable option. The trailer is not enclosed, meaning that your vehicle will be exposed to the elements during transit. This is why open car shipping is generally recommended for vehicles that are more common, such as sedans or SUVs, and that do not require any special protection.

        Enclosed car shipping is the alternative option and is generally recommended for high-end or luxury vehicles. This involves loading your vehicle onto an enclosed trailer that protects it from the elements during transportation. The trailer is typically smaller and can only carry a few vehicles at a time, which makes it a more expensive option compared to open trailers.

        When it comes to deciding between open and enclosed trailers, it ultimately comes down to your needs and preferences. If you have a high-value or luxury vehicle that requires special protection, then enclosed trailers may be the best option for you. However, if you are looking for an affordable and efficient transportation option for a common vehicle, then open trailers may be the way to go.

        Efficient and Affordable Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping Services

        Our San Antonio Long Distance Movers offer door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery solutions, allowing our customers to choose the most convenient option for their needs. Door-to-door transportation involves a single truck being sent directly from your doorstep to your new house, providing safe and secure transport at an economical price. Alternately, terminal-to-terminal involves the car being picked up from a terminal that is nearest to your location and delivered to another terminal nearest your new destination. Fortunately, our company has terminals in every major city so taking this service shouldn’t be an inconvenience.

        Car shipping on an open trailer
        Long-distance movers will pack your cardboards inside a storage properly

        Convenient Storage Solutions - Let Us Take Care of Your Stuff

        Our long-distance moving company offers convenient storage services for all customers. Our team is fully equipped to handle your belongings with care and store them securely. We provide our customers with 30 days of free storage service, giving them plenty of time to unpack their belongings and settle into their new homes. Our storage facilities are climate controlled and secured with 24-hour surveillance. Our trained staff specializes in the safe handling of your items and provides a secure environment for them until you are ready to have them delivered.

        Moving Insurance for a Stress-Free Move

        For every long-distance move, it’s important to make sure your belongings are properly insured. At Long Distance USA Movers, we provide our customers with reliable moving insurance that can help cover the cost of any accidental damage or items that are lost in transit.

        Our company offers basic moving insurance or Mandatory Liability Coverage, which applies to all the items placed on our truck, no matter who packs them. If something is damaged, the reimbursement will be, for each pound of damaged items, 60 cents.

        Another insurance we provide is Full Value Replacement Insurance. With this insurance, if something is broken, our company will try to fix or replace that item, and if that is not possible, they will give you a reimbursement for that item’s full market value.

        We also offer insurance for auto transport services. The insurance covers any damages to the car’s exterior. If cars are on the open trailers, reimbursement will go to $100,000, and for the enclosed one, up to $500,000.

        San Antonio Living - What You Need to Know Before You Move

        San Antonio, Texas, is a city that has been gaining popularity as a destination for people who are looking to relocate. With its rich history, diverse culture, and booming economy, it’s no surprise that San Antonio has become a popular choice for people from all over the country.

        One of the primary reasons people decide to move to San Antonio or Almo City, as it is popularly called, is its affordability. Compared to many other major cities in the United States, Alamo City offers a lower cost of living. Housing is relatively inexpensive, and the city offers a variety of neighborhoods that cater to different lifestyles and budgets. Additionally, Texas has no state income tax, making it an attractive option for those looking to keep more of their hard-earned money.

        Another factor that draws people to Alamo City is its strong economy. The city is home to many major employers, including USAA, Toyota, Valero Energy, and H-E-B. The healthcare and military industries also provide many job opportunities, thanks to the presence of institutions like the University of Texas Health Science Center and Joint Base San Antonio. The city’s central location and growing business climate make it an attractive option for entrepreneurs and startups as well.

        Beyond its economic benefits, Alamo City is also a cultural hub. It’s famous for its rich history, evident in iconic landmarks like the Alamo and the Missions National Historical Park. The city’s diverse population also means that it has a thriving arts and culture scene, with events like the annual Fiesta and the Riverwalk Artisan Show drawing crowds from across the state.

        It is also an excellent place for families. The city offers many family-friendly activities and attractions, and the school district is highly rated, with many excellent public and private schools to choose from.

        Finally, its warm weather and beautiful scenery are also significant draws. With an average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and over 300 days of sunshine per year, it’s no wonder that Alamo City is also nicknamed “the City of Eternal Summer.” The city is also surrounded by natural beauty, with the Texas Hill Country just a short drive away and plenty of parks and trails for outdoor enthusiasts.

        Affordable City with Plenty of Great Neighborhoods to Choose From

        When it comes to the cost of living in Alamo City, it is generally considered to be affordable compared to other major cities in the United States. The cost of living is about 14% lower than the national average.

        As for housing options in San Antonio, there are plenty of choices available, ranging from apartments and townhouses to single-family homes and luxury estates. The cost of housing varies depending on the location, size, and amenities of the property.

        In terms of rental costs, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around the city center $1,500, while a three-bedroom apartment typically costs around $2,500 per month. The Median Home value is $167,000, so finding a perfect home shouldn’t be a problem. Here are some of the best neighborhoods to live in San Antonio:

        • Alamo Heights – Located just minutes from downtown, Alamo Heights is an upscale neighborhood known for its beautiful homes, great schools, and convenient location. The area is home to many local shops and restaurants and is popular with families and young professionals.
        • Stone Oak – Situated in the north-central part of San Antonio, Stone Oak is a master-planned community that features a mix of residential and commercial properties. The neighborhood is known for its safe streets, excellent schools, and abundance of green space.
        • King William – This historic neighborhood is located just south of downtown and is known for its beautiful Victorian-era homes and tree-lined streets. King William is also home to many popular restaurants and cafes, making it a great place to live for foodies and those who love the arts.
        • Monte Vista – Another historic neighborhood, Monte Vista is located just north of downtown and is known for its stunning homes, vibrant arts scene, and walkable streets. The area is home to many artists and creatives and is also popular with families and young professionals.

        Move From San Antonio With the Best Movers in the Field

        At Long Distance USA Movers, we are proud to offer our clients the best long-distance moving services in San Antonio. With years of experience and an excellent customer service record, you can rely on us to make your move a smooth one. Our team is dedicated to providing quality packing and moving services that will exceed expectations every step of the way. So if you’re looking for reliable movers who understand what it takes to ensure a stress-free relocation from San Antonio, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to helping you with all your needs concerning long-distance moves.

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