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        Auto Transport

        Move your car across the country in an open or enclosed trailer – for an affordable fee. We offer car transport as a standalone service, but you can bundle it with your household move and get a hefty discount.

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        Packing Service

        Sit back and relax, we’ve got packing services covered. We use moving blankets, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and even custom wooden crating. Your stuff will be protected and carefully handled during the move.

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        Moving Services

        Treat yourself with a white glove long distance moving service that’s based on the inventory list and not weight. This means a price guarantee, transparent move costs and premium moving service.

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        Moving Insurance

        All your stuff is secure with Long Distance USA Movers, but in case something does happen to it, there’s a moving insurance policy in place. We offer both basic Valuation Coverage and Full Value Protection.

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        Storage Services

        Our spacious climate-controlled units will protect your things until the drop-off. No need to worry about them because all items are labeled and secure, and each customer gets a dedicated unit mixup isn’t possible.

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        The Moving Process

        1. Fill in the Quote Form

          Best way to get in touch and get a price estimate is to fill out a quote form and you will be contacted often in matter of minutes, but definitely in less than 24 hours. If you don’t feel like typing, just give us a call.

        2. Get in Touch with a Relocation Specialist

          Your (very) dedicated relocation specialist will guide you through the process, explain everything, and be there every step of the way. Together you will create a moving inventory list with which you will get a guaranteed price.

        3. Sign the Documents

          Once the details have been hammered out, it’s time to hammer them in with a binding agreement that’s meant to protect you and your things. You will get your personal reference number which you will use for shipment tracking and future inquiries.

        4. Move Effortlessly.

          Yes, it is that simple. Our expert movers will pack all your belongings, protect them, load them carefully and send them on their way. The same goes for unloading. Experience a true white glove moving service. That’s it!

        New Haven Best Moving Company

        Every relocation requires patience and organization, but with the help of professionals, it will all be much smoother. Whether you want to move to or out of one of the biggest cities in Connecticut, reliable New Haven movers can help you achieve a completely stress-free transition.

        professional cross country movers are loading the truck
        Churches and Skyline of New Haven, Connecticut

        Moving Services by Reliable Movers in New Haven, CT

        Moving by yourself is quite possible, and it can seem like you could save some money. In the end, however, the total expenses might go way beyond what you would pay for quality cross-country moving services. Not to mention how tired and strained you would be, while probably forgetting to do a ton of things in the process.

        However, googling “reliable long-distance movers near me” to hire them isn’t as easy as it looks at first glance, and trying to avoid being scammed could be a tough task. A good piece of advice would be to look at online reviews and try to get some referrals from friends and family. But also, contact several companies, ask them for a quote, and compare. Never settle for the lowest quote, because if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Cross-country movers with the lowest prices tend to add up hidden fees and additional costs in the end.

        That’s why you can rest assured that Long Distance USA Movers are the right choice when it comes to quality and professional long-distance moving services. Our prices are transparent, with no fees hidden besides our initial quote, which we’ll give you for free. We form our prices based solely on the inventory list, which should consist of all the items you want our crew to transport. You can change the list until one workday before the move-out date.

        Packing Services by the Best New Haven Movers

        What people usually hate the most about relocations is having to pack their whole household in a matter of days into boxes, crates, and bags. Those who have done this already know how tiresome this task is. But set your worries aside, because we have packing services, and our crew knows how to handle every single item. Our standard packing implies that our trained team will disassemble and later reassemble large furniture pieces, take care of appliances and other stuff that won’t fit into a standard box, and load and unload everything at your future home. This is all calculated into the initial quote.

        Full and Partial Packing Services by Our Long-Distance Movers in New Haven

        Our team will take care of the boxes you’ve packed, but you shouldn’t worry even if you don’t have time to pack everything up. We offer both partial and full packing services at an additional cost. The partial option is when you want our team to pack your belongings into no more than 15 boxes, and full service is when there are more than 15 boxes to pack up.

        Open trailer

        If You’re Looking for an Auto Shipping Company, Look No Further

        Whether you’ve bought a car on the other side of the country and want it shipped to your home or you want to avoid stressful and tiresome driving all the way to your future address, investing in an auto shipping service is a smart choice. Long Distance Movers has years of experience in the auto transport industry, and you can choose this as a standalone service or simply bundle it up with your whole move and get a hefty discount. Before you hand us over your car, prepare all the vehicle documentation and empty it of all personal possessions.

        Transportation Options by Our Long-Distance Moving Company

        With us, you can choose how your vehicle will be transported, and we have solutions that can fit any budget. The more affordable option, as well as the more commonly used one, is to ship your car on one of our open trailers. Your car will be secure while strapped with up to nine other cars, but since the trailer is open from all sides, it will need a wash after the delivery.

        For those with a bigger budget who wish for their car to remain intact during the transport, we offer shipping in an enclosed carrier. This solution is usually reserved for expensive, show, or classic cars. In this type of trailer, the vehicle is protected from the weather, as well as road debris. We can ship up to five vehicles in these carriers.

        Choose How We’ll Pick Up and Deliver the Car

        When you decide to transport your vehicle with us, our cross-country moving company gives you a choice for pick-up and delivery options. Our door-to-door solution is pricier, but more popular for its convenience, as it lets you relax while our professional team takes care of everything. Our crew members will arrive at your doorstep to get the vehicle and later deliver it right to your future address quickly and on time. For a customer on a tighter budget, we offer our terminal-to-terminal option, where you deliver the vehicle to a designated location and hand it over to our crew, and later pick it up at a terminal nearest to the destination.

        Don’t Know What to Do With Your Stuff Until You Settle In? Our Storage Service Is for You

        A storage unit may be used for various purposes, from leaving furniture you don’t want to get rid of after you’ve downsized your home to storing seasonal clothing and Christmas ornaments. But when it comes to relocations, our storage services will enable you to settle in your future place without it being cluttered with boxes and all of your other belongings. It’s free of charge for the first 30 days for our clients, but we can keep your stuff in the storage units for longer if you need it and charge you per day. Our storage units are humidity-free, kept under climate control, as well as camera surveillance.

        Our Moving Insurance Will Put You at Ease

        Our crew members are highly trained and will take utmost care when it comes to all of your possessions. But to give you peace of mind because accidents can occur, there’s our moving insurance (mandatory liability coverage), which covers $0.60 per pound of damaged items. This comes at no additional cost, and it covers anything transported by us.

        When it comes to more valuable possessions, this type of insurance may not be enough, and that is why we always recommend that every customer takes out a third-party insurance policy with full-value replacement at an additional cost. This type of insurance is eligible for the items listed on the inventory list that have been packed by our crew. You can contact us for any additional information.

        As for your vehicle that’s being shipped with us, we’re happy to tell you that our insurance covers external damage up to $100,000 on open trailers and up to $500,000 on enclosed trailers.

        New Haven Offers Something for Everyone

        So, what can you be up to in New Haven, Connecticut, after your moving company unloads everything, and you give yourself some time to settle in? Locals refer to it as the Greatest Small City in America, and it definitely is more than meets the eye, while its scene is one of the best-kept secrets in the country. Let’s find out what it’s all about.

        The city has a four-by-four grid at its heart that dates from 1638, making it the first planned city in America. Since 1701, New Haven’s history has been entwined with Yale University. Its Gothic Revival campus is scattered across downtown, which makes it a real university town that has walkable streets with a variety of places to eat and go out.

        It comes as no surprise that the largest employer here is the third-oldest institution of higher education in the country. Over time, Yale has produced 61 Nobel Laureates, five U.S. Presidents, and 19 U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

        New Haven during the day
        New Haven

        Neighborhoods in the Greatest Small City in America

        From the beach to Yale, there are many reasons that can steer you in the direction of this particular town in Connecticut. The I-95, as well as adequate public transportation, makes it easy to get around and commute to your workplace, while shopping is also at arm’s reach. This is generally a good place to be in, but you should still choose the neighborhood that suits your lifestyle best. Here are some options:

        • Prospect Hill is a district where nature, as well as culture, are both very prevalent. Yale University is nearby, but so are Mansfield Community Garden, East Rock Park, and many other choices for recreation. Many galleries, along with Whitney Arts Center, offer various artistic choices. With coffee shops and restaurants all around, you have numerous options to dine in. The neighborhood is a great choice for medical professionals, as well as students.
        • East Rock has a lot of amenities, a stable housing market, but also low crime rates and easy commute options. It lies West of Quinnipiac River, which has multiple parks associated with it, so there are plenty of options for activities.
        • Westville is walkable, diverse, and full of incredibly friendly people who work towards making the neighborhood better. It offers a lot of recreation options with West Rock Park, and many other smaller parks which give this area a suburban feel. It’s a clean, quiet, and lovely place where you can see older couples and lots of younger families with children.
        • Woodbridge is really peaceful, with no nightlife or activities other than local parks. It is extremely safe, and the school system is amazing.

        Whichever neighborhood you choose to reside in, know that this Connecticut gem has a lot of diversity and culture. If you enjoy that, this just might be the city for you, and you will thrive here.

        New Haven

        How Will Living Here Affect Your Pocket?

        The central tile of the planned city from 1638 is the Green that was laid out by its puritan founders. The white towers of three early-19th-century churches can be seen rising above the tree-line. This is just one of the reasons that many could find NH appealing, but the most interesting part is the housing, which is well below the average, with a median home cost of $172,000, which is well below the national median. The overall cost of living here is only around 2% higher than the nation’s average.

        Contact Long Distance USA Movers Today for an Ultimate Experience, Whether You’re Moving to or Out of New Haven

        We understand that relocations are both complex and stressful, and that’s why we have dedicated ourselves to achieving the best results with each move through a wide variety of services. Our crew will make sure all your needs and requirements are met, regardless of whether you’re coming here or moving from New Haven. We strive to be even better. Maintaining a high quality of our services and improving it with modern technology, along with leaving each customer with a big smile on their face, is our primary goal.

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