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A young woman is preparing her elderly mother for long-distance moving
July 26, 2018
Things to Know About Moving Elderly Parents Out of State

When making such a life-changing decision such as moving elderly parents out of state, you have to consider all the factors that can impact their wellbeing.

family at the beach enjoying waves
July 4, 2018
Best Cities in America to Raise a Family

To determine what are the best cities in America to raise a family in modern society, certain factors need to be taken into account. These factors are based on the average needs of a household in their everyday life, such as the quality of schools, access to various services and facilities, parks, cultural activities but also safety and affordability.

A couple is packing kitchen while their daughter sits in the cardboard box and playing
June 25, 2018
Everything You Need to Know About Moving with Kids

Moving with kids means that you have to juggle not only relocation tasks but your children’s needs as well. You’ve probably picked your new home in some of the best cities in America to raise a family, but changing the scenery can be stressful for the little ones. Talk to them. Give them tasks, so that they feel included in the move.

pots and pans
June 15, 2018
How to Pack Pots and Pans for Moving

One of the most challenging tasks of any relocation is packing. From clothes to furniture, you will most likely need to ship everything you own.

vacuum cleaner
May 9, 2018
How to Pack Your Vacuum Cleaner When Moving

Thinking about cleaning the house you recently moved into without a hoover is unimaginable. This sweeping device keeps the place clean and tidy in a more relaxed and faster way. That’s why you should know how to pack your vacuum cleaner when moving to a new home to preserve the device and its parts. Here are some useful tips on how to properly prepare the device for the upcoming move.

May 3, 2018
Tips on How to Meet your Neighbors After Moving In

Have you just recently finished moving to a new address? Then the toughest part, moving, is already behind you. All your things might be in your new home, but that doesn’t mean that the process of settling into your community is done. Now let’s see how to meet your neighbors, bond with them, and maybe even make some new best friends along the way.

car on the beach in the summer
April 25, 2018
Everything to Know About Moving in the Summer

There are many good reasons why moving in the summer is the way to go. As almost 70 percent of all moves happen in that time of the year, the movers are very busy and the period is rightfully called the moving season.

grandfathers clock
April 16, 2018
How to Move a Grandfather Clock

One of the toughest possible questions that arise when moving to a different home is how to move a grandfather clock. Fragile and sensitive are the words that must be repeated to movers several times while they carry this object that you may have inherited from your grandfather. 

black Toyota jeep
February 20, 2018
How to Prepare your Car for Shipping

Are you moving and planning on taking your vehicle with you? Then it would probably be wise to hire a company to ship your car instead of driving it yourself all that way.

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