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Are You Wondering: Should I Move Back Home? We Have the Answer

A couple of years ago, all you could think about was leaving your old house. Now, you can’t seem to stop thinking: Should I move back home? When we are young, we all want to leave our hometown and go somewhere more exciting and vibrant. We don’t mind the hustle and bustle of a big city, we don’t mind the hectic and chaotic pace of life. However, in most cases, that’s just our adventurous side talking. Sooner or later, many begin to dream of a more peaceful life somewhere in the suburbs, and for some, that means going back to their folks.

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Take different things into consideration and you'll have the answer

If you’ve reached this stage of your life, you’re probably wondering: Is it okay to move back in with your folks? You are troubled by the thought that relocating back to your folks’ means you’ve failed to achieve what you’ve always dreamed of. However, what you want is not necessarily what you need. Let’s take a look at different scenarios of going back to your old house to see all the good and bad sides to it. You might identify yourself with one or all of them to some extent. Let’s help you answer this puzzling question and do what’s best for you.

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Pro: Moving Back Is Good for Your Budget

One of the main advantages of living with your folks again is that you won’t have to pay rent anymore. In case you’re in a situation where you just lost your job, this will be a huge relief, and going back to your folks might be the smartest choice to make. You might also get a chance to reconnect with some of your childhood friends after moving back to your hometown. Think about hiring professional moving services right away and prepare for your move as soon as possible before you spend every single penny you’ve ever saved.

It Will Be Easier to Pay Back Your Student Loan

If you’re a recent graduate and it’s been months since you started looking for a job, and nothing came up, it might be time to pack your bags. You can always ask for packing and unpacking services to speed up the process. Even if you do find a job, but you still have your student loan to pay off, it will be easier to do that if you’re at your parents’ place, i.e., not paying rent, spending way less on food, etc.

As a Millennial, You Can Start Saving Money for Your Own Place

Did you know that 50% of millennials are moving back home after college? There are many good places for recent graduates. Some might try their luck in a big city, all alone, without anyone’s help. However, of all the best cities for college graduates, the chances are that you’ll realize that there’s no place like your nest.

Plus, this is an excellent opportunity to start saving up for your own place, as otherwise, you might find it impossible to do such a thing. Find out what you need to rent a house, and you’ll soon realize that it’s much more affordable to live with your folks, at least for some time.

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Think of your long-term plans – living with your folks is a good way to save some money for the future

Con: You Don’t Get to Be Independent Anymore

Going back to your old house again, back in your old room, brings a risk of going back to your old lifestyle, too. You can easily lose your independence. In fact, that’s practically inevitable if you’re reliant on your parents for food and the roof over your head, to start with.

Lack of Privacy

There’s one thing to know about all folks – they’ll always look at their children as… well, still children. Even if you’ve lived by yourself for years and you’re not a kid anymore, they’ll still look at you that way. Thus, you can expect some privacy invasion when you get back to your old house. Remember those questions like You’re going out again? Who are you seeing? When did you come back last night? Well, they are all likely to be back even if you’re 30 now – goodbye privacy.

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Living back with your folks will probably mean less privacy

Mistakes to Avoid When Relocating Back to Your Folks’ Place

When they decide to go back to live with their folks, many people make the same mistakes without even realizing it. Here are some of the most common mistakes you shouldn’t make according to someone who’s been there:

  • Not setting some ground rules
  • Assuming you don’t have to give money for absolutely anything (you should at least stock the fridge once in a while)
  • Not leaving the house
  • Overspending the money that you’ve saved here and there
  • Not setting your move-out date

Give Your Parents Some Credit

Don’t take for granted everything your folks are doing for you. Yes, they love you unconditionally, and they would do absolutely anything and everything to help you when you’re down, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give them some credit for all that. Don’t forget to show your gratitude and appreciation.

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Think about what you can do to make your coming-back to your folks’ house more comfortable for everyone

Going Back to Your Nest at 30 – Think About Your Children

Moving back in with parents at 30 is not the same as moving back in with your folks at 25. You’re probably thinking about starting a family soon. Even if you’re still not planning it, it will happen sooner than you think. So, when weighing the pros and cons of going back to your folks’ again, think about your future family and children and where you want to raise them.

Most Important Thing to Consider: Safe and Happy Childhood

In case you’re already relocating with kids, ask yourself one question – where will they be happier, in a bustling city or in a quiet suburb with their grandparents around all the time? Think about your own childhood and let that be one of your main judgment criteria – do you want the same for your kids?

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Think about the future and what will be a good environment for your children to grow up

Should I Move Back Home – Final Tips

If you’re still having second thoughts about whether you should return to your old place or not, the best tip would be to listen to your heart. Don’t do anything at all costs. If you think you won’t be happy back in your old surroundings, make sure to figure out a way to get by where you are.

If, however, you’re looking forward to living with them again, seeing your old friends, and spending more time in your hometown, you should do it. In that case, it’s best to hire expert movers for help with auto transport, provide storage, and everything else you might need.

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