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The Best Where Should I Move Quiz

You are sure that you want to relocate cross country soon. But you find it hard to narrow the choice down with so many amazing options to choose from. To help you pick the right place to live in, we bring this Where Should I Move Quiz. We want to share our experience with you to help you pick the perfect home. Different people have different requirements and expectations, so the easiest way to make a choice is to consider your individual needs and think ahead about how you’re going to adjust to the new town once there.

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How important is a city’s walkability for you? Are you looking for a city with a highly educated population, or you just want to go somewhere where the air is clean and the crime rates are low? There are many questions to answer to come closer to the area that fulfills all your requirements. So, we want to share this test with you and address the most important issues to help you reach your final decision on where you should live.

Are You a Child of the 1980s or a 2000s Baby? Either Way, We Know the Ideal Place for You to Move to

Depending on when you were born and how you were raised, you might have different expectations based on what you’re used to and what you find crucial in life. But with the right test and specific questions answered, age doesn’t stop us from finding the perfect spot for you. You just need to be honest with yourself when taking the quiz. Take the test, and you’ll get to know yourself a little bit better.

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There are some things that you might not be able to fix with even the best products like reed diffusers, so rely on your preferences.

Where Should I Move Quiz

Where you live impacts your quality of life to a great extent. If you’re not happy with your surroundings in any way, that will affect every aspect of your life, so you have to choose carefully. Take this quiz to find out what kind of place is the right choice to be your new home.

Quick Personality and Preference Test

Whatever we choose inevitably reflects who we actually are. Thus, your personality plays a major role in this decision-making process, too. Let’s answer some important questions about your character to see where you should go based on this test.

  • You enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and you don’t mind crowded streets and congested traffic

Agree – you enjoy spending your free time out. Your idea of a perfect Saturday night is a night out with your friends in a bar or a club. In your life, there’s no time to stop. You are willing to share your personal space with others in the crowded streets. As someone seeking a vibrant lifestyle, the most convenient choice for you would be a metropolis that can offer everything you’re looking for.

Disagree – you are looking for peace and quiet, you want to go somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. You like spending time in nature, and you appreciate secluded areas not many people know of. In this case, the right choice would be a smaller town or at least a suburban area if you end up in a larger town.

  • You are open to new experiences and you love meeting new people

Agree – you always enjoy exploring something new and meeting new people, perhaps even of other cultures – you should live in a big, multinational city.

Disagree – you prefer maintaining the same routine with as little changes as possible; you have your circle of close friends and meeting new ones doesn’t mean much to you – you’ll probably be happier in a smaller town.

  • You care about art and history

Agree – you enjoy visiting museums and exploring the art scene, as well as learning more about the rich history of places you are visiting – look for a charming older town that hides impressive history that you can explore little by little as you fall in love with it more and more.

Disagree –  art and historical peculiarities don’t really sweep you off your feet; you are more of a person who enjoys being a part of something new – you might want to live in a newly developed neighborhood or one that’s still in the process of development.

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What Kind of City Would You Like to Live in?

How do you actually imagine your dream home? Is it a town where you can walk around and enjoy the fresh air and stunning nature, or is it a bustling city with crowded streets? Share your thoughts to get the answer.

  • Walkability is a major factor for you

Agree – you don’t want to worry about being stuck in traffic; you want to be able to get anywhere you want on foot – choose one of American’s most walkable cities such as Oakland, CA, Seattle, WA, or move to Boston, MA.

Disagree – if taking a stroll to work is not that important for you, you’ll want to go to some of the cities with the best public transportation.

  • You’re looking for a high-quality education

Agree – whether you’re moving with kids or you’re looking to advance your own education, you will be looking for areas with a high quality of education. And these usually turn out to be the cities with the highest percentage of educated residents.

Disagree – education is not that important to you, but you’d rather go somewhere where you can have fun and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. If so, consider relocating to Las Vegas, Miami Beach, or moving to New York.

  • Safety is your highest priority

Agree – if the most important thing for you is to find the area where the crime rates are low and you feel safe walking around the town at any time, you should live in one of the safest cities in the US.

Disagree – If you’re not all that concerned about your safety, say you’re young and single, there are other priorities to take into account, as well. Perhaps you’re searching for the most affordable cities or the ones with the most vibrant nightlife.

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Choose one of the many amazing American cities to be your new home and begin a new chapter of your life there

Helpful Articles to Make Your Final Decision

In addition to this test, you could use some more articles to help you decide where to go next before you think about employing moving services. Let us share some with you.

If you’re looking to relocate to a place with a warmer climate, you might want to consider some of the best cities to live in California or some of the best beach towns in the US. For those of you looking for a variety of outdoor recreational activities, we suggest some of the best outdoor towns out there. Finally, here are the best cities in America to raise a family if you’re moving with your little ones or you’re planning to start a family anytime soon.

If you’re still somewhat anxious about your upcoming relocation, learn how to cope with anxiety about moving to another state to make sure it goes smoothly.

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