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Moving Tips

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January 24, 2018
Things to do Before Moving into College Dorm

If we skip the stress of going away from home and turning a new leaf in your life, there’s still that chaos associated with moving into a college dorm. It’s easy to forget things. That’s why preparation and planning are crucial.

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January 22, 2018
Sunshine and Packing Boxes – How to Prepare When Moving to a Warmer Climate

Are you embarking on a cross-country move? Figuring out how to prepare when moving to a warmer climate is a necessary step for all of those used to chillier weather. With essential tips on packing light, dressing right, and ensuring your belongings thrive in the heat, we’re here to make sure your move is as breezy as your new climate. Trust in Long Distance USA Movers to bring you expert advice and support, ensuring your journey to warmer horizons is smooth sailing.

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January 17, 2018
How to Organize a Garage Sale – Tips and Tricks To Make the Process Easier

Embarking on a new journey and need to lighten the load? Learning how to organize a garage sale is a perfect solution for decluttering and making some extra cash before the big move. Ideal for those seeking a fresh start. As a moving company committed to easing your transition, we offer essential tips on how to organize a garage sale efficiently, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters—preparing for your new adventure.

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January 16, 2018
What You Should Know About Moving Your Business to Another State

What do you do when you have a limited liability company (LLC) in one state and want to move it to another? When moving a business to another state, you must first register your establishment to operate in your new environment. But paying the applicable fees and taxes for your LLC in two different destinations might get expensive. Maintaining two separate entities might be too costly and complicated, so you might consider choosing one of the other alternatives you have for relocating your company.

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January 13, 2018
Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving for a Job

When making a decision about such a huge step in your life such as moving for a job, it may be smart to dwell on the affordability of the whole venture.

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January 10, 2018
Discover the Best Outdoor Towns for Your Next Move

Relocation is not just about changing addresses. It’s an adventure into a new way of living, especially for those drawn to the allure of the great outdoors. Finding the best outdoor towns is essential for anyone looking to blend the serenity of natural beauty with the comforts of modern living. So, let’s begin the adventure of finding your ideal outdoor town.

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January 8, 2018
Ultimate Checklist for Moving to a New State

Are you planning to relocate cross country soon? Then this ultimate checklist for moving to a new state is just what you need. 

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January 1, 2018
10 Cities With Best Public Transportation in the US

One of the most important factors of an urban standard of living is the commuting time. Because of that, cities with the best public transportation are usually considered the most livable. Imagine how great it would be not having to spend hours stuck in traffic just to get to the grocery store. Here are the 10 cities that make getting from point A to point B easy even without a car.

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December 28, 2017
Moving to a Small Town – A Definitive Guide

People have various reasons for moving to a small town, but they usually make that change when they want to escape the city bustle and enjoy the serenity of smaller towns.

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