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5 Best Neighborhoods in Dallas You Need to Check Out Before Moving

If you’ve decided to move to the so-called Big D or City of Hate (to name just a few of this Texas city’s peculiar nicknames), the next logical step would be to scout the best neighborhoods in Dallas and find the one that best corresponds with your needs, tastes, and budget. Have you checked how many of them are there?

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Is becoming a Dallasite one of your New Year's resolutions for 2020?

Apparently, no one knows the precise number, but it is still a lot, so we’ve decided to help you a bit. We’ve narrowed down our selection to five prime neighborhoods because we believe that anything more than that might be too confusing and misleading. Let’s go and find your perfect neighborhood in this land of cowboys, good beer, and country music.

How to Pick the Best Neighborhoods in Dallas in 2020

With around 1.3 million residents, the Big D is the third-most populous place in Texas, and it is home to four teams that compete in the major professional sports leagues: Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Mavericks (NBA), Stars (NHL), and Texas Rangers (MLB). This is a sprawling, modern metropolis with plenty of opportunities for families, students, and especially entrepreneurs. And the best thing about it is that it just keeps getting bigger and better.

Since everything is bigger in Texas, moving to Dallas requires more significant preparation and research. If you’re still in the stage of home hunting, don’t rush anything. It may be wise to rent storage and go explore different parts of the city while your chosen Dallas moving company takes care of your belongings.

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Criteria for Neighborhood Scouting in Big Cities

When searching for the best places to live in Dallas, you have to know what your priorities are, because this city has something for everyone. Whether you are a student, a working parent, or a small business owner, different parts of this metropolis can offer distinctive living experiences at a different cost.

In general, the cost of living in Dallas won’t break your bank. Still, if you are trying to figure out a budget for moving out for the first time, you can easily exceed your abilities. So when relocating, you should set your criteria for a new apartment or a house:

  • Are you single or a family type of person?
  • Do you want to live close to your job?
  • Do you have a car or rely on public transportation?
  • Do you want to live close to restaurants or parks?
  • Are you a night owl or an early bird?
  • Are you for the suburbs or downtown?
  • What is your budget?

These are just a few basic criteria. The list can go on and on, depending on your preferences. It is something to keep in mind when a brand new apartment blows your mind, although it is way above your budget and far from where you work. So, what are the most livable areas in Big D? Let’s find out.

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Cities like Big D have very diverse communities.

Knox-Henderson Is a Great District for Young People

Knox-Henderson is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular areas in the city. It is located right off Highway 75, which means that you’d be just a few minutes away from downtown, Oak Lawn, Uptown, Lower Greenville, and other trendy areas.

Named after two main roads, Knox and Henderson, this up-and-coming neighborhood is very friendly towards pedestrians. Half of the residents living in Knox-Henderson have never been married, and overall the population here is very young, and the rents are rather affordable. Davis, Prater, and Highland parks are also easily accessible.

Some of the best restaurants in Dallas are located here, and you can find a variety of international cuisines. From sushi at Tei Tei Robata to tapas at Cafe Madrid. Two top-notch restaurants in D-town, Abacus, and Gemma, are also located here. Knox-Henderson is pretty busy during the daytime, but when the night falls, it is even more bustling. Pubs like The Old Monk and dance clubs such as Candleroom are some of the popular hotspots for a night out in Knox-Henderson. With so many options for leisure and hanging out, you probably wouldn’t need a guide for making friends in a new city.

In case you want to burn all the calories from the past week, there is a 3.5-mile paved path called Katy Trail. It used to be an old railroad route, but now it is a favorite spot for outdoor activities like running, inline skating, hiking, and biking.

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Knox-Henderson is a great location for young adults in their twenties.

Deep Ellum, a Mecca for Millenials

Another popular area for those who are young and single is Deep Ellum, once known as a place for spending a fun night out. It is located north of Exposition Plaza, and on the south is Bryant Park. With slightly over 6,000 residents, this community consists mainly of young people, and only 9% of residents here have families. As a young and single newcomer, you won’t be alone for sure, so you can forget about the fear of moving. Furthermore, a stunning 81% of people here rent their homes, and the median home value of an owner-occupied home is around $275,000.

Renowned as the very heart of the city’s vibrant music scene, Deep Ellum is known for its street murals, plenty of music events, art venues, and similar activities.  In the ’80s, this was a bohemian quarter, full of artists and musicians, and in a way, it still is today.

Why Is the Median Rent Here Higher Than the National Average?

Deep Ellum is not a luxurious or prestigious community, but prices seem to go up continuously. After a couple of ups and downs over the past years and decades, the district is having a moment, and it seems like everyone wants to move here.

Deep Ellum is going through a rebirth, the value of properties here has increased by more than 143% since 2005, after the city introduced TIF (tax-increment financing), for developing areas that were in a decline. New buildings and apartments keep popping out of nowhere, but it seems like that’s still not enough to meet the demand. Currently, the median rent is around $1,200, so a bit over the national average.

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Deep Ellum is a mecca for hipsters, millennials, and those who are into a laidback lifestyle.

Lakewood – a Picture-Perfect Area for Families

Are you searching for an idyllic area with houses surrounded by flowers and large front yards where kids can play safely? We found it. Lakewood is a small neighborhood on the shores of White Rock Lake Park, and although swimming in the lake is prohibited, many enjoy spending their time around it, in the great outdoors.

Lakewood has that small-town feel, even though you’re in a metropolis and just a short drive away from all the amenities of downtown. That’s why it is a favorite location for raising a family. You can find a lot of old houses that have been remodeled into luxury homes, but also a lot of new ones that feature more modern outdoor aesthetics. Whatever you go for, Lakewood homes are all very impressive and luxurious.

One of the main reasons why so many families flock to this community is the fact that the prestigious and award-winning school, Lakewood Elementary, is just around the corner. It is a place where those who grew up here keep coming back to raise their children. So if you have any questions to ask your new neighbors, you will surely get all the right answers here.

If you are moving with pets, know that this might be an ideal location for them, as well. They’ll probably have a yard, somewhere to run around and meet other pets, etc.

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Lakewood is one of the favorite places for relocation in Big D in 2020.

Live a Suburban Life in Kessler Park/North Oak Cliff

Both these communities have good access to downtown, but since they are across the bridge to the south, they often referred to as the city’s real hidden gems. If you fancy big houses with parking lots, lawns, and a community where everybody knows each other, then this is the place for you. They even organize porch parties and all sorts of gatherings, so it is a family-friendly environment.

If you are planning on commuting to Fort Worth, here you will be one step closer to it. You can still find a home here at a reasonable price, which is why so many families decide to settle down here.

Is Oak Cliff the Best Suburb in Dallas?

Oak Cliff used to be a separate town in this county, but over the years, it merged with the Big D. It has around 20,000 residents, of which 40% are families with children. About 60% of people own their homes, while the other 40% who are renting enjoy reasonable monthly rents, lower than the national average. Located in North Oak Cliff, Bishops Arts District is well-known for its street art, fashion stores, a diverse nightlife, and plenty of bars and restaurants.

Kessler Park, a Place for Those Who Dislike Tiny Apartments

If you are looking to get a large house at a reasonable cost, you’ll find it in Kessler Park. The majority of properties are single-family houses on a quarter of an acre lot, typically with 2 to 5 bedrooms, and a garage. The median rent is $1,000, and roughly around half of the residents rent their homes. There are some well-rated public schools in the vicinity, which may be the reason or a consequence of the fact that one-third of the population are families with children.

This is a type of community similar to Oak Cliff, where everyone knows your name, and people are genuinely friendly in general. Its proximity to downtown is just an added benefit.

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A mix of urban and suburban lifestyle is what attracts families to these two communities.

The Most Prestigious Area Is Preston Hollow

If you’ve ever wondered what the wealthiest neighborhood in Big D is, the answer would probably be Preston Hollow. It is pricey, but with a reason. The same goes for communities like Uptown and Highland. Everything is bigger in Texas, and they took it literally here. So if you want to enjoy your privacy without having to watch what your neighbor is doing in his backyard, you’re in the right area.

Preston Hollow is located north of other trendy districts like Uptown, Highland, and University Parks, but it is still a reasonable distance from downtown. Quiet streets, elite private schools, a mix of traditional and modern houses, as well as urban and suburban living, is what keeps this community high on the list of the most popular districts in Big D for years. Three shopping malls are located close to this district, with plenty of entertainment options and even an ice skating rink. Preston Hollow has a 7.2-acre park, where you can go for a picnic, play with kids, exercise, etc.

What do you need to rent a house here? Money and patience. The rents are not extremely high, especially for such large houses, but around 70% of residents own a home, so there aren’t so many properties on the rental market. If you are looking to purchase a home here, then better prepare because the median house value is above $900,000.

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Fancy houses, private schools, and high housing prices are the reasons why this is one of the most expensive districts in Big D.

So, What Is the Best Dallas Area to Live In?

In the end, the final verdict is all yours. This metropolis offers so many options that it wouldn’t be fair not to mention some other excellent communities like Uptown, Lower Greenville, and University Park, which are also perfect for newcomers. The Big D has so many communities that instead of using a guide to moving to a new state, you need a guide to its neighborhoods.

If you are looking to move to Texas and become a Dallasite in 2020, that is an easy decision. Finding a neighborhood is not. But we hope we’ve helped you narrow down your choice and find a district that suits all your needs.

Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

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