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How to Pack Makeup for Moving

Do you know how to pack makeup for moving properly, or you simply throw everything into one bag and focus on other more important items you have to move? Even though placing all your beauty products in one sack seems like an easy solution, you might want to change your tactics – pressed powders can crumble, glass bottles will break, and who knows what else will get damaged in the process. If you want to keep your foundation kits intact when moving, you should take certain measures. Refer to the below tips for an easier move.

Makeup brushes and palettes

When Should You Start Packing

Quality cosmetics is a huge investment, and after you have been collecting products for that long, it would be a pity to damage them and have to buy everything again. If you want to know how to move your entire household for this trip, one of the best tips is to pack the delicate stuff first – prepare your makeup before you get down to large pieces of furniture. Don’t deal with anything else until you have your sets well packed and protected. After you are done packing cosmetics, you can take care of everything else. If you are using moving services for your household goods, you might want to take your beauty sets with you, rather than leave them in boxes with the rest of the items.

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Time to Travel: Declutter and Clean Your Makeup Products

Before you even start packing your products, make sure you have everything you want to move ready. This can be a good opportunity to do some downsizing and get rid of everything you don’t need. If there are sets which you have not been using for years and which have expired – throw them away. Don’t forget to clean your brushes as well.

Use Products One by One

Take pieces out of the drawer one by one, remove the dust, and put them aside if you want to take them with you. This is the best way to know what you have so far and what else you need to buy once you arrive at your new address. If you are struggling to find the expiration dates, check the bottom of the bottle for the date of production — most mascaras and powders last around six months, some even a year.

Reorganize Your Makeup Sets

Set aside different sets in a way that will help you handle them later on. So, put lipstick kits on one side, powder cases on the other and so on, until you have everything categorized. If there are some items you need during the travel time, set those aside now. The last thing you want to do is go back and search for them once everything is packed and ready to go.

End with a Maquillage Checklist

As you proceed with the packing process, make a list of everything you have so far. Making an inventory list is a great way to know whether all your things have arrived at the new address. This list can also help you double-check if the items are intact. You can extend the list by adding the items you miss – this will make shopping so much easier once you arrive at your new home.

Tips on How to Pack Makeup: Which Bottles and Vanity Cases You Need

Getting the right moving supplies is as important as employing the right packing strategies for moving. If it seems easier to put your cosmetic sets in a box with the rest of the items, you are wrong. By packing recklessly, you risk damaging your belongings and having to buy them again.

Use a Makeup Bag

Everything boils down to the perfect bag or bags. The best option is to find one that has pouches and pockets where you can separate items. If you have to figure out how to pack makeup of various shapes and sizes, feel free to get more vanity cases. Even if you have an extra one, it doesn’t matter. It will come in handy one day for sure.

Women’s Specialty– Never Put Everything in One Bag

The best way to pack is not to put everything in one bag. Make sure liquids are in a separate sack just in case. Putting them in another compartment in the same sack might not be the best choice either – they can easily open and destroy your entire set. Plan ahead and take some extra steps to ensure all your items arrive intact.

Wrap the Bottles  

Learn how to pack liquids for a move. If you want to be cautious, wrap all your liquid bottles. Items such as perfumes, nail polish, and other glass liquid containers that can leak should be wrapped either with packing paper or any cushioning you might have. Make sure you purchase these additional supplies if you don’t have any at home. Ensure the safety of bottles with some plastic wrap and tape.

Cushion the Powders Before You Start the Travel

You might also want to cushion your powders before you put them inside a container. There is nothing worse than a broken eyeshadow mixed with another broken powder case. To keep them in one piece, add some cushioning or cotton pads in between. This will help keep everything in place.

Ensure the Loose Powders Are Covered

How well are your loose powder cases protected? If you already have some half-broken powder cases, wrap them in plastic wrap and put them in a zip-top sack. You can also tape them around the lid.

Protect Mini Makeup Kits Separately

What about those petite kits which don’t have a lid? If you still use them and want them with you once you arrive, use plastic cling wrap just in case.

Pack Facial Care and Other Skincare Products in a Separate Case

We have already established that liquids go in a separate case. However, if you want to be extra organized, make sure your facial and skincare products are also separated. This will mean a lot once you start unpacking.

Moving Time: What Should You Do with Your Cosmetic Bag  

It’s time to start the move and take all those well-packed cosmetic bags with you. As we already suggested, they should go with you in the car, unless you’re using auto transport services. If you plan to put them in the back seat, make sure the sacks with extra delicate items are not at the bottom of the pile. In case you are moving in the summer, keep the sets away from the sun to prevent them from melting.

Double Check the Packing Bags

Skim through the bags you have packed to ensure everything is there. Have a look at the checklist you have made – if everything is the way it should be, it’s time to start the travel!

Unloading Process: How to Safely Take out Your Products

It’s time to unload everything. Work at your own pace and smoothly unpack the cosmetics. You should take care of the loose powders first and then move to the rest.

Damaged Makeup Alert: Bottom Line

Sometimes, even if you do everything the right way, some items get damaged during the travel time. There is no use crying over spilled milk. Clean that mess and see to it that all the rest is unloaded with care.

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