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October 1, 2019
How to Cope with Anxiety about Moving to Another State

Relocation is already a stressful process in itself. And when it’s about changing your town and familiar environment, anxiety about moving to another state is a frequent occurrence. We have tried our best to give answers to the most common questions and to help you deal with the change that moving to another state brings to your life. 

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September 30, 2019
How to Protect the Carpet When Moving

One of the things often neglected during the relocation process is knowing how to protect the carpet when moving from damage. If you ignore this step, you may have to throw away the rug or pay for the repair afterward. The same applies to valuable carpets. 

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September 24, 2019
Moving Back in with Parents at 25

When leaving your family home, you usually don’t expect to come back. But moving back in with your parents at 25 can happen due to different life circumstances. It won’t be easy, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

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September 24, 2019
How to Overcome the Fear of Moving

It’s quite reasonable to have a fear of moving since sometimes, it means changing your whole way of living. Relocation is an unpleasant trigger that forces you to step out of your comfort zone and deal with the unknown and all its uncertainties.

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September 23, 2019
Where to Live in California: Best Cities to Move To

Should you choose to move to the Golden State, be it for a better job or that you simply had enough of your current town, the main thing to decide is where to live in California.

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September 23, 2019
Moving Back in with Parents at 30

Once you move out of your childhood house, you rarely plan on going back. So, what happens when life gets in the way, and you find yourself moving back in with parents at 30

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September 20, 2019
Moving During the Holidays

Moving during the holidays can be challenging at best. With the increased traffic and severe weather conditions, you should think carefully about whether to move by yourself or hire a company to do it for you.

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September 20, 2019
Which are the Most Vegetarian-Friendly Cities to Live In?

If you’re planning to move soon, there are a lot of factors that you should consider before picking a place to be your future home. But if you live on a meatless diet, you would definitely want to know what are the most vegetarian-friendly cities to live in.

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September 20, 2019
A Guide on How to Do a Home Inventory

The last thing you need among all the moving chaos is adding another task to your pretty tight and overcrowded schedule. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to do a home inventory properly. Why is it that so important? In case of any breakage or break-ins, you will have a clear picture of the damage and losses you experienced, and you can navigate easier through insurance claims.

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