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4 tips to help you help a friend move

It is said that your friends are the family you choose yourself and they share your joy, pain, and trust. they will support you and count on you and are always there for you, and you are always there to help and support them, no matter what.So, when one of your friends is faced with a move, a difficult and stressful process, they will certainly rely on you for some help. And not only physical help, packing and carrying items around, but emotional support as well, they will be stressed and nervous about the upcoming change in their life and will need someone to help them and reassure them that everything is going to be alright. Your friend will need your help more than ever during this difficult time. But how can you help them? How can you make their relocation easier? How can you ease their anxieties and cheer them up during the difficult moving process?  Helping your friend move is not all about heavy lifting, depending on your own skills and free time, here are 4 tips to help you help a friend move.

Provide emotional support

If your friend is moving locally, there will not be a big change in their life, and the only thing that you have to worry about will be the logistics of the move.

If they are moving to a different city, however, things will be a lot more challenging, your friend won’t only have to deal with the arduous moving process, but will have to get used to a new environment and get used to a completely different lifestyle. Your friend is likely to be anxious about their new life, overwhelmed with moving-related tasks and upset by leaving friends behind. As sad and distressed as you will probably be yourself when a dear friend is moving to a new city, you have to find a way to comfort your friend and reassure them that this change will be for the best.

Talk to your friend about the upcoming move, ask them for their plans, expectations, and hopes, listen to their apprehensions and worries and try your best to help them relax and get them excited about the change in their life. Draw their attention how many great opportunities they will have in the new city and assure them that even though you will miss them a lot, you are happy for them and the moving process will not have an adverse effect on your relationship. Your encouragement will be invaluable for your friend.

Help your friend to sort out and pack their belongings

Whether your friend is moving a few blocks down the street or halfway across the country, they will have to pack all of their belongings and prepare their house for the move. It is an extremely difficult and tedious task, so helping them with their packing is one of the best ways that you can help your friend with the move.

Help your friend declutter their house and decide what to take to their new house, what to sell, donate, recycle or throw away, your objective assessment will be very helpful, especially when it comes to sentimental objects. Encourage your friend to get rid of everything they do not really like and will not need in their new home, the less things that they plan to relocate, the easier and cheaper their relocation will be. Help them to organize a garage sale or sell them online, so that your friend can concentrate on their other moving preparations. Offer to drop off unwanted items at local charities and collect boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and other packing materials that your friend will need to prepare their things for transportation. If you are not sure what your friend already has or what they may be running low on, offer to pick up the needed moving supplies and drop them off.

Visit your friend for an hour or so whenever you have the time and help your friend pack their household items, make sure that you use safe and efficient packing techniques and handle every object with attention and care.

The packing process will go a lot faster and easier when you are helping your friend, which will also give you the chance to spend some more time in each other’s company.

Bring your friend food

While helping your friend with his packing is one of the greatest favors you can do for them during this difficult time, there are other less direct but just as helpful ways that you can help your buddy with their relocation. Such as bringing them food, for example.

Cooking and grocery shopping will be the last thing on your friend’s mind during the arduous moving preparations, overwhelmed with impossible moving tasks and hectic moving schedules, and they will not even have the time to sit down and share a meal, let alone prepare a healthy meal. So, if you show up with some fruit or sliced vegetables and a box of sandwiches, it will be very welcome.

Providing your friend with food that will give them energy is a great way to show how much you care and will help them stay well and strong during the difficult pre-relocation period. This will also help your friend stay on track as they will be able to focus on the relocation tasks instead of wasting time in search of food, just make sure that you bring something that does not need additional preparation or results in plenty of dirty dishes.

Provide help during the move

Moving day is the culmination of the relocation process and the moment when your friend needs your help the most. There are plenty of efficient ways that you can be of help on moving day.

Go to your friend’s house early in the morning to help them prepare their house for moving, finish packing their things, clear the way from obstacles, cover the floors and walls with protective materials to prevent property damage and injuries, etc. Bring coffee to cheer up your friend and raise their energy levels.

Offer to watch your friend’s kids or pets, so that they do not have to worry about the little ones’ safety and well-being. Babysit your friend’s young children and little animal friends, take them for a walk or keep them busy in a quiet room away from the moving process. You can even offer to keep them at your house on moving day.

Run errands for your friend and have a joke or two up your sleeve to make your friend smile and relax when the move gets hard. Maintaining a positive sense of humor will help to reduce the stress and keep the mood light throughout the day.

Help your friend to clean the house when everything is loaded on to the moving truck. If your friend has hired movers, the professionals will take care of everything else, you can assist in providing information and directions, or you can bring home-made food for everyone, but that’s about it. Your friend will have their things safely loaded on the moving truck and delivered to their new home in one piece and on-time. The move will be completed in a smooth and efficient way, and your friend will be able to celebrate their successful relocation.

If your friend has decided on a do it yourself move, they will have help with not only planning and organizing the move but also physically moving all of their things, carrying heavy boxes and large pieces of furniture, loading the moving truck, etc. If you are able to, help your friend with the heavy lifting as the more people there are to help, the faster and safer the moving process will be. Just make sure that you take all of the necessary safety precautions, wear appropriate work clothing, put on work gloves, use safe lifting techniques, etc. Any and all help that you can provide will be highly appreciated.

If it’s a local relocation, you can help your friend unload the moving truck, unpack, and set up their things in their new home too.

If it is a long distance move, make your friend a going away gift and tell them goodbye, use an insider joke to chase away the sadness, hug your friend, and promise to stay in touch.

When helping your friend move, even a small favor can make a huge difference. Offer to help with what you are good at do not make vague promises, but take care of specific tasks that will ease some of the burden off of your friend. Show your friend how much you care and save them as much time, effort, and money as you are able to, they will not forget that you were there for them when they needed your help.

Now that you have read these 4 tips to help you help a friend move we hope that your friend can have an easy and friendly move. If your friend is looking for a professional and reliable moving company that can help him with his move, then contact Long Distance Movers which is a professional moving company that can help him move to and from anywhere in the country. Contact one of our friendly representatives and they can provide you with the moving process and can provide you with a free moving quote. We look forward to helping you with your move.

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