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21 Best Restaurants in Atlanta for Foodies Who Are Moving Soon

If you’re in the process of moving to Atlanta, we’re sure you’ve already figured out all the important stuff. You’ve found your new home, found a good school for your kids, and secured a new job. But how will you spend your leisure time after the relocation? If you enjoy dining out, here are some of the best restaurants in Atlanta to help you get to know the city better and try some delicious food.

food on the table overlay
ATL is an excellent spot for food lovers

Bone’s – The Epitome of Fine Dining

If you enjoy fine dining, going to Bone’s will quickly become one of your favorite things to do in Atlanta. The venue has been in business for over forty years – it opened in 1979. Since its early days, it has been the embodiment of the idea of fine dining. From fresh seafood to traditional Southern comfort food, they take all their meals to perfection. Bone’s has been named the Best ATL Steakhouse for sixteen years now, and some even claim it’s the best steakhouse in America.

If you would like to go to Bone’s, we highly recommend that you reserve a table. Although reservations are not necessary, the waiting line can be quite long. So make sure you come equipped with patience – and quite a bit of cash. Food this good doesn’t come at a low price.

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Nan Thai Fine Dining – The Gem of Midtown

Fine dining is in the name of this place – so we’re sure you already get the picture. Nan Thai combines the finest Thai food, exceptional service, and impeccable presentation. It’s located in the heart of Midtown, which also happens to be one of the best places to live in Atlanta. Of course, the restaurant offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, but some of their top specialties are the ones with meat.

The chef’s recommendations include gag Khlau Sapparod (roasted duck breast with pineapple and red curry), Kai Yang Masaman (lemongrass chicken with avocado), and Kung Yang Masaman (grilled prawns and scallops). We also highly recommend their authentic Thai tea.

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Thai tea is a great addition to a well-rounded meal

Bacchanalia – In the West Part of the City

Bacchanalia is one of those restaurants where you have to make a reservation months in advance. The venue is quite big: 90 people can sit in the main area, while there are also semi-private tables in a separate room. You can also eat and drink at the bar.

The food is mainly contemporary American, with a seasonal menu. All the ingredients they use are strictly organic, mostly coming from the owners’ farms. Aside from the usual menu items, the restaurant also offers a four-course dinner for one for $95. A great thing about it is that it’s constantly changing and evolving, so you know you’ll get something different – and better – every time.

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The ingredients used in Bacchanalia comes from the owners' farms

Staplehouse – New American Restaurant and Bar

There are several things that make Staplehouse unique. First of all, even though they serve upscale fare, the atmosphere in the restaurant is way more laid back than you would expect from an upscale venue. Secondly, they give back to the community. Namely, Staplehouse paired up with the Giving Kitchen charitable organization in order to do their fair share of good deeds.

Of course, all of this comes with exceptional food. Staplehouse has a seasonal new American menu with 8- to 10-course meals, including some vegetarian options. The waiting list is quite long, so if you want to try their renowned aged beef, chicken liver, or crab, plan ahead.

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Staplehouse combines upscale fare with a casual atmosphere

La Grotta Ristorante – Italian Specialities

Yet another restaurant dating back to the late 70s, La Grotta Ristorante serves the finest Italian cuisine specialties. With an intimate atmosphere and view of a breathtaking courtyard garden, your exceptional dining experience will be complete. This place has been named the best ATL Italian restaurant for 18 consecutive years, and they’ve received the AAA Four Diamond Award for the past 25 years.

There’s much more to Italian cuisine than pizza, and La Grotta is here to prove that. Among their specialties, you’ll find parmesan veal chop, roasted quail, grilled duck, and so much more. The wine list includes some of the biggest names, such as Masseto, Chateau Petrus, and Brunello.

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La Grotta proves that there's more to Italian cuisine than pizza

The Optimist – Straight from the Ocean

Ask any seafood lover, and they’ll tell you that The Optimist is the place to go for some of the freshest and most delicious seafood in ATL. Even though ATL is landlocked, the restaurant still manages to bring seaside vibes. Chef Ford Fry (yes, that is his actual last name) makes sure that all the ingredients are high-quality, organic, and as fresh as they come.

What makes this venue stand out is that, aside from the main room, there is also a separate oyster bar. There, you can enjoy a wide range of oysters and other seafood in a much more casual atmosphere.

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Enjoy the freshest seafood in ATL at The Optimist

Nikolai’s Roof – American-Russian Fusion Kitchen

What do the American and Russian cuisines have in common? This rooftop restaurant. Located on the roof of the Hilton Hotel, Nikolai’s Roof offers magnificent romantic views of the city. The three-course menu goes for $44 per person and changes on a nightly basis. There is also the chef’s seasonal menu, with all kinds of traditional Russian and modern American dishes.

The venue also hosts private parties, such as corporate functions, social gatherings, and weddings. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to get married with a view on downtown Atlanta neighborhoods?

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Nikolai's Roof offers romantic views of ATL

Babette’s Cafe – A Movie-Inspired Bistro

If you ever get tired of the hustle and bustle of ATL, there is a way to teleport to rural France for an afternoon. All you have to do is go to Babette’s Cafe, a bistro inspired by the award-winning Danish romance/drama “Babette’s Feast.” Even if you’ve never seen it, you’ll surely feel the unique, movie-like atmosphere in this venue.

Although Babette is a French bistro, they also serve Italian and Spanish provincial cuisine. From simple classic dishes, such as fried shrimp, to unique mixtures such as mussels with strawberries, there is a little bit for everyone here. Of course, gluten-free and vegetarian options are available, too.

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Babette's cafe was inspired by a Danish movie

Chama Gaucha – Brazilian Steakhouse

Chama Gaucha is a line of restaurants, and one of them is located in ATL. Its offer is focused on Latin American specialties, with an emphasis on Brazilian cuisine. Even the way they serve meals is typical of the area. Your steak will be brought to you by a gaucho, and it won’t be on a plate. Instead, it will be on a large skewer, and the gaucho will slice it right in front of you. You will also be given tongs to grab the slices.

When it comes to Chama Gaucha, steak is more than just your regular beef steak. There is Filet Mignon e Frango (chicken wrapped in pork bacon), Porco (pork ribs), and of course, the specialty of the house, Picanha.

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Chama Gaucha takes steaks to a whole other level

Best Restaurants in Atlanta That Don’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

When talking about the top locations in any city, people tend to focus on more upscale options. However, even though the cost of living in Atlanta is not as astronomical as NYC, for example, not everyone can afford three-digit bills for a two-person dinner. Luckily, ATL is rich in mid-range and affordable diners that offer just as delicious meals. Here are our favorites.

Atlanta Breakfast Club – Southern Hospitality

Atlanta Breakfast Club serves the most mouthwatering Southern-style breakfast and lunch dishes. Lots of meat, just the right amount of spices and cheese, a whole lot of love, and some salad on the side make their meals amazing. As a bonus, it all comes at reasonable prices. You’ll leave this place with a full wallet and a full stomach.

Lee’s Bakery – Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Lee’s Bakery is not your typical baked goods store. They specialize in Vietnamese dishes, and they do it well. A wide variety of noodle dishes and rice plates is made complete with authentic specialties such as Chicken Rice Congee. There are also a few delicious vegan options.

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The city has great breakfast places you can go to, like Lee's Bakery and Atlanta Breakfast Club.

Aviva By Kameel – Mediterranean Food & Juice Bar

In Aviva by Kameel, chef Kameel and his sister (you guessed it, Aviva), put an emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine made from the freshest ingredients. They also made it their mission to make their meals not only delicious but also healthy. That is why they use exclusively olive oil for cooking. This is truly a place that will make you forget all about dealing with moving services, house hunting, or looking for the best schools in Atlanta for your kids.

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

You won’t find a more all-American diner than Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q. Meat grilled to perfection, melted cheese, fries or salad on the side, and a pint of beer – what more could you ask for? We highly recommend trying their Texacutioner sandwich, followed by their homemade banana pudding.

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Atlanta has great barbecue and fast food joints.

Eight Sushi Lounge – Sushi With a Contemporary Twist

At Eight Sushi Lounge, you can try some of the most delicious rolls you’ve had in your life. However, this place serves more than just sushi. There are also fish, oysters, nigiri, and so on. You’ll also get a chance to try some great Japanese beer.

Herban Fix – Favorite Vegan Spot

ATL might not be one of the best cities for vegans in the US, but Herban Fix makes up for that. Although they take inspiration from various cuisines to create unique dishes, they put an emphasis on Asian fusion foods. Even if you eat meat, you will like it here.

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There's plenty of options for vegans too in this metropolis.

To Complete the Best of List: A Few More Restaurants to Convince You to Move

To be completely honest, this list could go on forever. The state of Georgia is known for its fantastic food, and ATL is no exception. It should come as no surprise, then, that there are so many great restaurants here. Before we leave you to explore your new hometown and meet your neighbors, let us give you a few more suggestions:

  • Canoe – original lunch, dinner, and brunch creations with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options
  • Desta Ethiopian Kitchen – African specialties made with fresh ingredients and lots of love
  • Red Phone Booth – a classic bar with some delicious items on the menu and great beer
  • Park Tavern – affordable bar-style diner near Piedmont Park
  • Thumbs Up Diner – chicken, waffles, and most importantly, build-your-own omelet
  • Buttermilk Kitchen – simple meals that remind you of your grandma’s cooking and take you back in time.
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