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5 tips on moving in cold weather

5 tips on moving in cold weather

5 tips on moving in cold weather

Moving can turn into such a stressful and chaotic experience no matter what time of the year you’re moving. But some situations, like moving when it’s sweltering hot, and moving in cold weather, can make things that much more challenging. You’ll have to prepare yourself for the cold temperature and snow, which are sure to cause problems if you’re moving in cold weather. But there are some upsides to moving in winter, it’s the best time to hire a moving company, as moving in winter is usually more cheaper, and easier on the moving budget, than other periods of the year. Here at Long Distance Movers we’ve written down some helpful moving tips for moving in cold weather, and we hope you’ll keep them in mind the next time you’re relocating.

1) Expect the unexpected

The weather conditions are unpredictable, and especially so if you’re moving during winter. The weather might be perfect for a couple of days, and then turn into a blizzard or hailstorm on moving day. Be prepared for this, and don’t be afraid to stay in touch with your movers. In case the weather turns hellish, contact your movers, and see if you can reschedule your relocation.

2) Organize in advance

Moving takes a lot of organization, and the best way to make moving in cold weather a smooth experience is to organize properly. You can create a simple moving checklist for starters, which shouldn’t take a lot of time, and going through the steps will make everything that much easier for yourself. Besides preparing all of your items, moving boxes, you should prepare shovels and salt for the snow and ice.

3) Safety-rigging your home

You’ll want to make safety your number one priority, as moving in cold weather is very dangerous. Keep in mind that the movers, and your family, will be walking in and out of the house constantly, so prepare lots of sheets you can use to protect the floors and carpets. You’ll want to shovel all around your home, and make a clear pathway from your doors to the place where you’ll be loading up your moving boxes into trucks.

4) Take your time with the packing

Don’t postpone the packing any more than you need to, and if possible you should begin packing even earlier than you would usually. Packing your belongings should be the least of your worries around, or on the moving day. In order to ensure that you have enough time to do the packing safely and properly.

5) Packing safely

You should keep in mind that moving in cold weather can be more stressful than usual relocation. You’ll have to keep all of your items safe, as well as warm, as the cold weather can greatly affect your items. Think about all the fragile items which are affected by the cold, make sure you’ve double wrapped everything, and to cover all of your items with blankets, before you seal up the moving boxes.

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