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6 Steps to Take When Moving a Grandfather Clock

If there’s one thing that can make your move a nightmare, then that’s definitely the tedious process of packing. Not only does it take too much of your precious time, but there are also those items that you find too valuable to leave behind but too tricky to pack and protect without help. For instance, […]
How to choose the right moving company

Reasons why you should hire a packing crew

Are you thinking about hiring a professional packing crew, rather than having to do all the work by yourself? That’s a really great idea. Hiring a packing crew can be very beneficial for many reasons. You will have more time for your own obligations, and the overall relocation will be less stressful. However, that’s not […]
How to choose the right moving company

How to choose the right moving company

Nowadays, there are so many moving companies out there. You may be confused and wondering about how you can choose the best moving company for your specific relocation. Well, there are many steps towards choosing the perfect moving company for you. There are many things that you should take into consideration and all of which […]
How to prepare your car for shipping

How to prepare your car for shipping

If you’ve decided to move across the country, you may be wondering whether you should take your car with you. Having a car in a large city can be very useful and beneficial. After all, many popular US cities have rather slow public transportation, which may make it very difficult to get to work or […]
How to choose the right moving company

Moving with children with special needs

Moving can be quite challenging and chaotic. So, just imagine what a relocation may look like with a child that has special needs – it can be quite difficult to manage and handle. However, it is not impossible to make the moving process as pleasant for them as it can get. There are many things […]
Pros and cons of moving for love

Pros and cons of moving for love

Do you have a significant other in another US State? Have you been considering moving there in order to make your long-distance relationship not-so-long-distance anymore? You may be wondering whether that’s the right thing to do, and we totally understand you. After all, moving to another state is a really big step, especially if you’re […]

How to properly pack expensive china

If you have a lot of expensive, fragile china, and you’re planning on moving soon, you may be wondering what some best ways to pack your china are, so that it doesn’t break or get damaged during transportation. Well, Long Distance Movers have some good news for you! We have compiled some tips and tricks […]

Reasons why you should hire a moving company

If you’ve decided to move somewhere across the country, you may be wondering if you actually need a moving company to help you or not. Hiring a moving company can be very beneficial, mostly for those who have no previous experience with relocation. But, even those people who already have experience often tend to hire […]

How to properly pack your technology

Are you planning on moving across the country? If yes, you may be having some issues with your packing process. For example, many people who face the challenges of cross country relocation for the very first time usually have trouble with packing their technology, and making sure that everything is properly packed. One of the […]
How to choose the right moving company

How to ensure a smooth relocation process

If this is your first time moving somewhere, you may be worried about how you’re going to handle everything that’s expected of you. After all, relocation is a very complex, time-consuming process, that people tend to underestimate. Relocation needs to be thoroughly planned out in order to avoid problems along the way. Let’s first break […]
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