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Moving from San Francisco, California to Seattle, Washington with Long Distance Movers

Have you been thinking about moving your home or business from Seattle, Washington to a different city? Due to the rising cost of living in Seattle, many people have decided to move to one of the most technologically advanced cities in the United States - San Francisco! If you want to be one of the many people who have decided to move to the beautiful city of San Francisco, California, you may need a professional moving company to help you out! Long Distance Movers might just be the right choice for you, and here is why: we offer some of the best cross country moving estimates. The route from Seattle, Washington to San Francisco, California is one of our most popular routes! In fact, it is our bread and butter route. If you want a fast, unparalleled level of service, please consider hiring Long Distance Movers! Here are the moving services that we offer for this route, as well as for any other routes in the United States:
-Corporate relocation plans, for your business or office
-Residential relocation plans, for your home
-Car shipping services, including exotic car shipping and enclosed car shipping
-Express delivery of your belongings (we are able to handle and safely transport any of your bulky furniture, household appliances, etc.)
Did you know that our moving crew is capable of handling all sorts of bulky furniture and other household appliances? When moving, it is really important that you protect and handle all of your belongings safely, which may not be as easy as you think. This is where we step in to help you! Our moving team will make sure that all of your belongings are handled safely, up to the highest standards. The delivery of your belongings will be express, and there will not be any waiting or delays. For an unparalleled level of service and a fast delivery, hire Long Distance Movers! Let’s take a look at some of the most important information about Seattle, Washington, one of the most influential and most technologically advanced cities in the United States.

About Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a major city in Washington, situated in King County. It is a seaport city, with an estimated number of 704,352 residents, as of 2016. Back in 2013, Seattle was named the fastest-growing city in the United States. It still remains one of the top developing cities in the US, especially in the IT sector. The economy of Seattle is mainly driven by both older industrial companies, and newer Internet and technology companies. Seattle had a gross metropolitan product of $231 billion back in 2010, which gave it the status of the 11th largest metropolitan economy in the United States. This is precisely why Seattle represents a great choice for people searching for well-paid jobs in the technology and IT sectors. It is the home to a vast number of booming high-tech industries!
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Would you like to schedule your relocation right away? Give us a call and choose a relocation date that is the most suitable to your schedule! Remember that our team will be with you throughout the entire relocation process, and that you will be able to rely on us for anything that you may want or need! We can’t wait to join you on the road to Seattle, Washington!


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We are dedicated to helping you relocate your car, office or home efficiently and with as little stress as possible.
We will assist you with packing, provide moving boxes and other moving supplies, help with unpacking, storage units for your belongings, as well as regular and enclosed auto transport.