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Seattle Moving Company

Seattle moving company

Moving from Seattle, Washington to Austin, Texas

Leaving Seattle for a number of reasons but can’t seem to settle for the suitable replacement that can provide a lot for you and your family? Maybe we at Long Distance Movers can help you with a suggestion. As we are a reliable Seattle moving company, prepared to take care of your relocation process. Later on, we can help you with packing, moving trucks and moving boxes, auto transport and all the moving supplies you can think of. Being one of the best movers in the business, we offer a variety of long distance moving services and can transport your belongings all across the US. We have plenty of experience in providing both residential moving services and corporate moving services.
If it so happens that you’re also looking for an affordable Seattle moving company that can ship your vehicle as well as your belongings, you’re in luck. We offer some of the most reliable auto transport services in the business, and you can count on Long Distance Movers to ship your vehicle anywhere in the US. There’s no safer or more convenient way to go about long distance auto transport. All you have to do is choose between open trailer shipping and enclosed trailer shipping and give us a destination. Our experienced long distance movers will handle the rest.
If you read on, you can see some crucial reasons why we decided to suggest Austin, Texas as your new home. We hope to provide you with enough information about relocating there, and would gladly assist you with moving from a state.


Texan third major city has a population of over 930,000,  a solid leap compared to Seattle. The density of the population in Seattle is naturally on a lower level, although Austin’s 3,358 per sq/mile isn’t drastic compared to many other big cities. The unemployment rate in these two cities is at a 4.8%, which is a big plus. Austin is close to lakes and Seattle is close to mountains as well as lakes. Both cities have major river resources in the close vicinity. Austin is certainly in the lead concerning public health care system.

The motto

The unlikely motto of the city of Austin has had many interpretations so far. However, nowadays, ‘Keep Austin Weird’ has become the overall vibe of the city, with so many people doing so many weird things in the streets, taking every kind of daily routine outside, and enjoying the nice sunny weather. It has a vast park system, with an enormous open space to run, cycle, do crossfit, even play beach volleyball. The best way we can put it is: Austin is beyond cool. To say that they are big on recreation would be an understatement. Here are some places Austinites (cute, right?) love to spend their free time and unwind:
Attractions Folks there equally enjoy and invest in theatre and performing arts, sports, museums and of course recreation. Due to the comfortable weather, Austin is the venue of many festivals throughout the year. The Kite Festival, Austin City Reggae Festival, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Pecan Street Festival are just some of many cultural celebrations going on here. It’s home to so many music festivals because of its self-proclaimed title of America’s live-music capital.
One of the things no visitor misses out on is the Barton Creek Greenbelt, where you can hike, climb or swim in the stream all year around. It’s been the locals’ oasis for decades, for people of any age and background.
Although life in Seattle, ‘The Rain City’ as it is also known, means year round comfortable and not challenging weather, Austin has a humid subtropical climate you can enjoy, with less rain. With an average temperature of 68 degrees F, compared to Seattle’s 51 degrees, it is a dream come true.
If the only thing left for you is to find some moving boxes and start packing, then don’t get frustrated yet. We at Long Distance Movers will provide those for you, at low prices, in addition to vehicle transportation, storage or any kind of moving help you need. So, just kick back, and browse for the neighborhood you want to move into, and let Long Distance Movers worry about car shipping and providing moving trucks, because we are the professional Seattle moving company you have been looking for.


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