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Moving from San Diego, California to San Antonio, Texas

Have you thought about moving house somewhere away from California? Perhaps you are being relocated due to work and need an insight on moving to say, for example, San Antonio? Are you looking for a professional San Diego moving company? Are you wondering what makes San Antonio so special? To all of these questions, and many more, there are answers later on in the text. But, before we satisfy your curiosity, we want to share something with you. As our potential customer, there are a few things you might want to know first. Our deal is always to be straightforward and to not use any tricks. With our services, there will be no hidden fees. Long Distance USA Movers has been in long distance moving business long enough to be called professional long distance movers, and that is just how we like to do our business. Our services are varied, they include custom crating, assistance with packing, door to door shipping, full residential moving, providing additional storage, and many more. Our team of trained long distance movers and packers will see to it that your belongings are safely packed and delivered to your new address. If you wish to move with us, you will be welcomed by our expert staff and we will make sure you’re satisfied with our services. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for. 
As promised, we shall now continue to facts about San Antonio, and why it can be a great choice for a new home:
- The city of San Antonio is home to just over 1.4 million people. It’s far less sleepy town-ish in comparison to most of American towns but has some advantages anyway. Advantages like the diversity, more job opportunities and lower rate of unemployment.
- The second largest city in the state of Texas is not at all congested or overpopulated. The average commuting time is around 26 minutes. The city has a public health care program.
- Nevertheless, hardly anything can compare to the humid subtropical climate of San Antonio. We all can pretty much discern what that etiquette means. The overall average temperatures are higher than the rest of the country, with significantly warmer days.
- The second most populated city in Texas boasts nice weather, with temperatures averaging at 80 degrees F. San Antonio receives about a dozen subfreezing nights each year, typically seeing some sort of wintry precipitation about once every 2-3 winters. Snow is a rare commodity here, but that can also be said for Texas.The days where skies are cloudy and rainy don’t prevail, only about 83 per year.
- In its close vicinity, the city of San Antonio has lakes for locals to go to and enjoy nature, camping, picnics, canoeing and other activities.
- San Antonio has access to rivers, mountains, that can be a great opportunity for you if you enjoy hiking and relaxing surrounded by nothing but nature.  
- The city has a bike sharing system as well, and maybe you can join the effort to save the city from pollution done by cars and use it too.
- It was one of the 10 fastest growing cities in the states in the period between the year 2000 and 2010.
- It is also very popular among tourists for its many attractions, like the Sea World and San Antonio Zoo.  
Another advantage of having a professional San Diego moving company such as ours by your side is that you don’t have to worry about auto transport, either. That’s right - we have long distance car shipping service in our offer, too. Thus, you get to rest assured your four-wheeled companion will be in excellent hands, whether you want it transported on an open or enclosed carrier. Plus, we leave it to you to choose between door to door and terminal to terminal auto transport. We are here to give you whatever additional info that you might need, so feel free to contact us and ask for more details on car shipping or any other aspect of your long distance move.
Call us today, and don’t miss the opportunity to schedule your long distance move on time and with one of the best long distance movers nationwide. We are a reliable San Diego moving company and our door is always open to you. You can be sure our polite staff will give you any information you seek. See you soon!


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