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Las Vegas Movers

Moving from Las Vegas, Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona

Las Vegas Movers
 Have you decided to move from Las Vegas? Do you already know where you are headed or are you just exploring your options? Have you already found reliable Las Vegas movers? If you do not know which city you want to move to, then let our long distance movers offer a suggestion. In this article, you will read a couple of facts comparing Las Vegas, Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona (the weather, population, costs of living, crime rate, etc.). The Long Distance Movers company will help you with a lot more than just giving you all the necessary information. Our long distance movers are professional Las Vegas movers and can provide help with moving, packing, padding, and can give you some professional advice. Our services also include safe, convenient and affordable auto transport services that can help you move your car to and from anywhere in the United States. We are professional Las Vegas movers who can cover your entire move from planning the budget for your move to actually delivering your valuable items to your new home. You can check our website for more data and for contact information, and get some useful advice, starting from this one:


When it comes to weather, these two cities are pretty similar; however, there are some differences that may help you make your final decision. For starters, the average temperature in Las Vegas is 20 degrees Celsius, while in Phoenix it is almost 24 degrees. Some people say that the temperature is basically the same except it gets a lot more humid during the summers in Phoenix. However, Phoenix has a bigger number of rainy days per year, leading with 37 against Las Vegas, which has 29 rainy days in average (both are pretty low). The average minimum temperature is also only slightly different, while it is 13 degrees Celsius in Vegas, it is almost 18 in Phoenix. Not so cold for an average minimum temperature.


As far as population is being compared, we are also going to compare the population density and the supply of male and female population separately. You are probably already assuming that Las Vegas is a lot more populated than Phoenix, however, you are wrong! Phoenix has almost three times as much people than Las Vegas, with roughly 1.4 million people living in Phoenix, and 0.6 million living in Las Vegas. Although, you were somewhat right; the population density in Vegas is what makes it seem more populated, with 16595 people living there per square kilometer, while that number is only 2790 per square kilometer in Phoenix and the annual population growth is lower as well. And while in Las Vegas, the number or male and female population is almost the same, there is a slight overpopulation of men in Phoenix, with its total population constituting of 48 percent of women and 52 percent of men, which is an interesting piece of information for single women. The average age of people living in the cities is different as well, and according to the received data, it is 31 years in Phoenix, which is 4 years less than in the city you currently live in, therefore generally more young people are located in Phoenix.


Now, here are some interesting facts about these two cities that one should probably know before relocating to any of them. First of all, the average salary is higher in Las Vegas, where it is around 3300 dollars, while it is almost 200 dollars less in Phoenix. On the other hand, the unemployment rate is higher in Vegas, so that could also be a factor in your decision-making process. Phoenix also has more universities and cinemas, while Las Vegas has more airports and museums.
What we are trying to do at Long Distance Movers is to inform you about the city you might relocate to and give you maybe another great city to think about, and to make sure that all your items are safely packed, stored and distributed to the city of your choice. So do not wait any longer, register with us and let our long distance movers help you make your move as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.


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