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Moving from Illinois to Nevada with Long Distance USA Movers 

Are you thinking about moving to Nevada? Are you searching for reliable Illinois movers? You’re in luck – Long Distance USA Movers are one of the best long distance movers in the US, with amazing online moving company reviews. We are Illinois movers who employ experienced long distance movers that provide moving services in Illinois and we can help you move to whichever city you desire. The moving services that we as Illinois movers provide include moving supplies, such as moving checklists, moving boxes, moving tips and more; moving trucks, moving helpers and packers who can dismantle and reassemble anything you need; auto transport services (including enclosed car transport, exotic car transport) which can affordably help you to move to and from anywhere in the country. Our long distance movers have decided to save you some time by searching the Internet for you. Here’s a quick guide about Nevada.

About Nevada

The State of Nevada is located in the Mountain West, Southwestern and Western regions of the US. It is the perfect choice for people with expensive taste, considering that it’s the 7th most expensive state in the US. It is also the 34th most populated of the 50 states. Three-quarters of all of Nevada’s residents live in Clark County, which is considered to be the Las Vegas – Paradise metropolitan area of the state. It’s commonly referred to as the ‘Silver State’ because of the importance of silver throughout Nevada’s history and economy. The majority of the state is located in the Great Basin, the Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe. Prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada.

Weather in Nevada

It has a largely desert and semi-arid climate. It’s considered to be the driest out of the 50 US States, due to it being mostly a desert. The average summer temperature is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The winters are different in various parts of the state – in the north, they’re long and cold. On the other hand, the winters and short and mild on the south end of the state. There is virtually no rainfall in Nevada. The average precipitation rate is 7 inches annually. The highest temperature was recorded in June 1994, when it reached a peak of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the lowest ever temperature recorded was measured in January 1937, when it went down to only -50 degrees Fahrenheit. When it comes to vegetation, Nevada is considered to have six biotic zones: alpine, sub-alpine, ponderosa pine, pinion juniper, sagebrush and creosotebush.

Things to do in Nevada

Nevada is a very interesting state which offers thousands of sightseeing opportunities. Not only is it a very luxurious state with many fine dining restaurants, casinos, and nightclubs, but it’s also full of breathtaking scenery and magnificent nature. Here are some of the best places to visit:
· Neon Boneyard:
· Fly Geyser: This Geyser represents a collision of human error and natural geothermal pressure. What resulted is a rainbow-colored geologic wonder, known as Fly Geyser.
· National Atomic Testing Museum: If you want to step away from the fancy, extravagant nightlife of Nevada, how about learning something about its history? This is the perfect place for that.
· Rhyolite Ghost Town
· Clown Motel
· Area 51: Probably something that everyone has heard of, Area 51 represents the most covert military facility in the United States. Be careful out there!
· Atomic Survival Town
· Pinball Hall of Fame
If you want to read more about the places you can visit in Nevada, here’s a link which will guide you to a web page containing all the necessary information, including directions, tickets, etc.

Transportation in Nevada

Nevada has 189 Nevada State Routes, which include SR 28, SR 88, SR 115, SR 116 and much more. Nevada is also served by several US highways: US 6, US 50, US 93, US 95 and US 395. You can also travel by air, via the busiest airport in Nevada, the McCarran International Airport. Another major airport in the state is the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, formerly known as Reno Cannon International Airport. It is also possible to travel by train across Nevada, and into other US states. Amtrak’s California Zephyr passes through Reno, and Thruway Motorcoaches also provides connecting service from Las Vegas trains to Los Angeles and from Stateline to Sacramento, California.
You can't wait to get there and start exploring all the beauties Nevada has to offer? You don't have to wait any longer now that you have a trustworthy Illinois moving company by your side, right? If you want top-notch moving service and some of the best moving estimates in the US, Contact Long Distance USA Movers today and schedule your relocation to Nevada. Your search for reputable Illinois moving company is successfully carried out.
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