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What things to keep in mind during your long-distance move

What things to keep in mind during your long-distance move

What things to keep in mind during your long-distance moveYou must be both excited and stressed thinking about your move to another state. This period of your life is undoubtedly tense since you have to organize everything to the small details. One of the most important things is to hire a moving company that you can trust. Solve this big problem by just one call. Contact Long Distance Movers, and we will take care of everything and make sure your move goes as well as possible. Call us today, and you will avoid some extra stress since you can rely on our experienced and skilled crew. We have also prepared a list of things you should bear in your mind to avoid some most common mistakes during the move. Read on and consider the following things:

Everything you pack should be well cushioned: Make sure that each of the boxes is loaded to the top and there is no extra space in it. That way the items can’t move around. A box can be turned on the side, or even upside, so if the things inside are wrapped well, and surrounded by some bubble wrap, they will be well-protected from being damaged or even scratched.

–  Get the proper coverage: You can get some advice about such issue from your moving company. You can discuss with them whether to purchase a basic coverage or full-value one. They can explain you the difference between them and help you make your own decision.

Keep your documents with you all the time: You can’t pack some of your essential documents in any other bag than the one which will be with you during your trip to your new home. They include your driver’s license, your passport, your security card, your birth certificate, your bank statements, tax returns or any other document you may need upon the arrival to your new address.

Don’t pack any fluids or liquids: It may seem strange to mention such a thing since everybody knows that. On the other hand, some of you are confident that a container of liquid, a can of paint or a bottle of oil is well-sealed and it can’t get jarred open. Since you must consider that such things happen anyway, it’s not worth the risk of ruining and damaging some other belongings. Leave them to your neighbors or your friends’ house, they will appreciate it.

Mark each box while you pack: You may think you will quickly remember what is in each box since there are boxes of various sizes and you can see from the top what you have put inside it. Labelling boxes is highly recommended because you will need some stuff immediately after you arrive at your new home. It is also good to mark the box with a number of the room where it belongs to. That way the movers will already know where to leave a particular box, so you won’t have to lift and carry some of them to another room yourself.

Ask your moving company about the “delivery window”: There is much logistics involved in a long-distance move. You must be aware that a “delivery window” can include up to twenty days.  Discuss it with your mover and pay attention before signing your contract. Take it into consideration, since you may have to wait for most of your stuff to arrive later than you expected.

However, with Long Distance Movers your move will be well scheduled and you won’t have any concerns regarding such issues. Give us a call today and let’s schedule your moving date!