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Moving from and to Sacramento, CA

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Moving from and to Sacramento, CA with Long Distance USA Movers

Have you decided to move out of Sacramento? You might need some ideas on what might be the next place you will love and get to call home. Before we share with you some of our top picks for your new place, we would like you acquaint you with all the services we provide here at Long Distance USA Movers. To get to build your own home, whether you want to start from scratch or move everything you already own, you will definitely need some moving supplies. In case you were wondering where you can get those, we at Long Distance USA Movers have them packed and ready to ship to you. You won’t need to spend time looking for the large moving boxes, the tape and markers, we can provide that for you. If you happen to be out of storage space during those few days, or weeks, of the move, we can give you a hand there as well. Our storage facilities are protected, secure, and monitored 24/7. To help you with packing, our crew of packing experts will arrive to your door, at your request, and deal with all those heavy items you wouldn’t be able to deal on your own. Our moving trucks will then transport them to our facilities, whether to put them under a lock in a storage unit, or to be transported further to your new home. Before we move on, we want to show you some reasons to move to Atlanta, Georgia: And if you don't like our suggestion, don't worry. We service the whole continental area of the US, so wherever you choose to move, we've got you covered!

- There are no extremes when it comes to climate on either side. The average maximum temperature is about the same, 74 degrees F, which is perfectly comfortable. However, there are many more rainy days in Atlanta, around 113 annually, compared to Sacramento’s 65. Georgian weather is typical of the inland South, with four distinct seasons and generous precipitation year-round.
- Atlanta provides up to 3 times more sporting facilities, as well as outdoor recreation scene, and even has a bike sharing system. Recreation, and pro-cyclist attitude in this city are crucial. 
- Sacramento boasts lower average commuting time, of the two. However, that time is around the same, 28 minutes, in Atlanta.
- Many mountains and rivers are available nearby, which goes for both of these cities. Atlanta is short of lakes, but in less than an hour, you can be in the North Georgia mountains which are gorgeous with ample places to hike, mountain bike, camp, boat, etc.
- The state capital of Georgia is known for its lush, green forest, and it's got the highest percentage of tree coverage of any American city (36% to be exact)
- ATL is also called a capital of the burgeoning Southern cuisine, and claims more restaurants per capita, than its Californian counterpart   
Have no time to waste? Call us today, and schedule your moving day with us. Our experts on moving and packing here in Long Distance USA Movers will be more than happy to help you with your moving experience!


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