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Moving from and to Portland, OR

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Moving from and to Portland, OR

There are several main things you will need to gather in order to move across the country to a different state. Besides the general information about a place you desire to move to, you will need a lot of moving help in the form of movers, moving trucks, moving boxes, packing tips, car shipping and possibly a lot more. We from Long Distance USA Movers are here to give you all that and more. We will provide a moving checklist, and moving comfort that other moving companies lack, and make sure to assist your transition professionally and with much regard to your belongings. One more thing that you might want to see before moving house across the country is a review, and that we have provided down below. What's more, we provide moving services from and to anywhere in the country!

Here are some facts that you will probably need to know if you are relocating from Portland to Washington D.C.


Washington belongs to humid subtropical climate zone, which means summers here are hot and humid, as opposed to the ones back in Oregon. Portland’s climate is oceanic, with mild winters and temperatures that hover around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Washington’s winters are chilly, with light snowfall. Average daily humidity is around 66%, something to look out for. There are less rainy days, however, and overall average temperature is slightly higher than Portland’s 63 degrees.


Portland has a lake, unlike Washington, but the D.C’s population is very keen on outdoor sports and activities, they have 4 major sporting facilities, and a Bike sharing system. Like Portland, in close vicinity there are mountains people use for hiking and camping among other activities. https://www.nps.gov/shen/index.htm

Institutions and Monuments

In this section, Portland is completely overshadowed by Washington. Namely, D.C’s main source of pride are numerous museums and monuments displayed throughout the city. Some of the most notable are: The Korean Veterans Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and many more. The state capital has 185 foreign embassies, in addition to 73 museum buildings. Some of the most visited include:
- Smithsonian American Art Museum
- the National Air and Space Museum
- the National Museum of African Art
- the National Museum of American History
- the National Museum of the American Indian
Here is the site where you can check out the prices of museums and working hours: https://washington.org/find-dc-listings/museums 
Some downsides to moving here may include expensive monthly public transportation ticket, but the overall VAT is 10% lower than in Portland. D.C. natives take a little longer commute to and from work, and the population density is on a lot higher level.

In conclusion, moving to the state capital has some shortcomings but they all even out and cease to matter compared with the advantages when you’re relocating to a city of such importance and influence in the world. Long Distance USA Movers will take you to the place from where you can start building a better career with more opportunities, or a place where you will make a fresh start.


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